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Star Army Recruiting

Star Army Recruiting is a daughter organization to Star Army Personnel that is responsible for finding and enlisting people to fight for the Yamatai Star Empire.

The Star Army of Yamatai gets its soldiers from two sources: it produces soldiers and it recruits citizens as volunteers.

Do you have what it takes to be a soldier in the galaxy's greatest military?

Star Army Cap, Type 32

Why Join?

There are many great reasons to join the Star Army of Yamatai.

  1. Protect your home, the Yamatai Star Empire, from its enemies!
  2. The Star Army offers a stable career with pay and benefits, free food, and accommodations.
  3. Opportunity to see and travel the universe.
  4. Quality education and skill training puts you in a better position to get a civilian job.
  5. Become part of a respected community of veterans.

The Recruiting Process

The flow of the recruiting process goes like this:

  1. Visit a recruiting center
  2. Sign the Star Army Enlistment Contract and recite the oath.
  3. Get assigned to a unit, ship or base. See Star Army of Yamatai

Accepted Species

The Star Army of Yamatai is currently accepting applicants of the following species:

  1. Elysian (all types)
  2. Synths (certain types only)

Other species, Anthros, and random aliens may be accepted on a case-by-case basis, with the requirements of:

  1. Humanoid overall body shape and size
  2. Hands capable of proficiently using standard Star Army weapons and equipment
  3. Human-equivalent intelligence or higher

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must meet the following criteria. They must:

  1. Be a citizen or permanent immigrant of the Yamatai Star Empire.
  2. Be an adult (age may vary by species). In general, a naturally born person must be at least 20 Yamataian Calendar years1) of age to join the Star Army of Yamatai.
  3. Be in good physical condition (a medical exam is required).

Disqualifying Factors

The Star Army does not recruit persons who:

  1. Are currently employed by a foreign government or military.
  2. Are not fit for military service
    1. Physical disabilities2)
    2. Mental illness
    3. Behavioral issues
    4. Substance abuse or addiction (including nicotine addiction)
  3. Are involved in crime:
    1. Pending or current charges or trial (courts may not use Star Army service as a sentence/punishment)
    2. Criminal history in the last 10 years, or particularly severe crimes
    3. Gang members
  4. Have questionable finances
    1. A history of failing to meet financial obligations
    2. Severe debt that the applicant cannot or won't pay off
    3. Unexplained or excessive affluence
  5. Is or has recently been a member of a radical political or religious group:
    1. Nairan

The Star Army also avoids recruiting people who are likely to misuse their training when they leave the Star Army.

Term of Commitment

Nekovalkyrja, when they are born, are signed up automatically by the Star Army for three years of service. Non-Neko citizens of the Empire can also have tours of duty as short as three years. See: Star Army Enlistment Contract.

equal to about 17 1/4 Earth years
A waiver is available for cyborgs whose cybernetic parts are adequate substitutes for their missing body parts
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