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Rendering Courtesy (Salutes and Bowing)

The following page covers the official standards for rendering courtesy in the Star Army of Yamatai.


Bowing is a part of Yamataian culture and is acceptable for everyone, in and out of uniform.

When To Bow

  • Any time you want to show respect to a superior of any rank (can be indoors, or to enlisted soldiers)
  • Certain formal ceremonies (eg weddings)
  • To non-military persons of prestige (eg royal family members)
  • To civilian elders

When Not To Bow

  • When wearing a hat or helmet
  • In combat zones

How To Bow

  • The lower ranked person bows first.
  • Straight legs with the hands at the sides or folded over the waist.
  • Deepness varying by the stature of the individual being bowed to and the person bowing.
  • A nod is an acceptable return gesture to those of lower rank.


Saluting is a military-only gesture of courtesy only rendered to officers in uniform (and to the flag). In most cases bowing is also acceptable.

Magnusson Yuu

When To Salute

  • Salute back when saluted.
  • When outside* and/or wearing a hat
  • Reporting (for duty, or as part of a formation)*
  • Passing a commissioned or warrant officer of higher rank*
  • For the duration of playing of the national anthem at events
  • When the flag is raised and lowered
  • To officers of friendly nations like Nepleslia*

*With these it is fine to substitute a bow

When Not To Salute

  • In combat zones
  • To anyone other than an officer in uniform
  • When it is obviously inappropriate

How to salute

The right hand is brought to upwards in a crisp motion so that the top of the forefinger is positioned at the outer edge of the right eyebrow and/or the bottom of the cap. Fingers should be together. The hand should be positioned flat, in line with the forearm, and tilted slightly forward. The upper arm should be parallel to the ground.

OOC Notes

This article was written by Wes.

Artwork by Hyeoii - commissioned by Wes. Chibi artwork by Ichan (Raph). Commissioned by Wes.

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