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Star Army Uniform and Appearance Policy

Proper grooming and wearing of the Star Army Uniform are part of the Star Army's organizational culture. Soldiers of the Star Army of Yamatai must maintain a tidy and professional appearance while on duty.

  1. It is not permitted to make personal customizations or additions to the uniform or to mix and match duty and service dress uniforms with field, work, or utility uniforms.
  2. Uniforms should not appear wrinkled or oversize. It is prohibited for pants to be worn at an excessively low level that reveals undergarments or for skirts to be excessively short.
  3. Glasses worn with the uniform should be black, brown, or metallic in coloration and conservative in style.

Uniform Usage

Uniforms must be well maintained. No stains, hanging threads, rips, holes, or conspicuously frayed edges should be visible. Uniforms should be clean and free of any foul odors.

Selecting Uniforms

When on duty, soldiers should wear the Star Army uniform selected by their commander.

  1. The duty uniforms are used primarily in climate-controlled or optimal environments such as indoors or aboard starships. When appropriate, duty uniforms can be accompanied by the black Star Army Service Dress Coat and blue service dress cap.
    1. Caps can be worn with any duty uniform or with the service dress coat. For all Star Army soldiers, the cap is a blue-gray round cap with an embroidered black ribbon.
    2. The Star Army Coat, Type 32 is optionally worn as weather requires.
    3. Personal swords are authorized for wear with the Duty and Service Dress uniforms; and, at the unit commander's discretion, with field uniforms and power armor.
  2. The working uniform is for everyday use training and working in most habitable environments.
  3. The exercise uniform is used only for physical training activities, as sleepwear, and selected medical activity.
  4. In hostile environments, soldiers should wear an Environmental Suit.
  5. It is customary for Star Army personnel to travel in uniform when under orders (reporting to a new assignment, etc).
  6. Volumetric uniforms are authorized; they must be opaque and meet the same standards as physical uniforms.

Duty Uniforms

  1. Dress shoes must be black or jet black (see Star Army Uniform Colors) and have an even, polished appearance.
  2. Footwear should not feature excessively long, sharp, or exotic heels.
  3. No items should protrude or be visible on the duty uniform, such as civilian communicators, pens, watch chains, jewelry, and bulky wallets. Star Army communicators attached to the belt are authorized.
  4. Belt buckles for the duty uniform should be a polished brass rectangle.
  5. Unit patches are authorized for the Duty uniform. Patches must not be obscene or negative in nature and must be approved by the fleet commander prior to wear.
  6. It is authorized to use or carry an umbrella with the duty uniform in the rain as long as it is a plain black or transparent one.

Grooming and Beauty

If used, cosmetics should be applied conservatively and tastefully. Jewelry, including piercings, of any kind is unauthorized for wear in combination with any Star Army uniform, including religious items. Fingernails must be neatly trimmed and, on humanoids, should not extend past the top of the finger.

Tattoos that are offensive, negative, or obscene are prohibited. Facial tattoos are unauthorized with the exception of basic solid-colored shapes in the Nekovalkyrja tradition.


Hairstyles must not interfere with the proper wearing of headgear and equipment such as caps, spacesuits, helmets, and protective masks. Hair must not appear unkempt or be excessively long or bulky, or block the eyes or vision, or be unclean or smelly. Hair-holding devices (clips, barrettes, rubber bands, headbands etc) are authorized only if they are plain, solid colored or transparent, and inconspicuous.

  • For males, short hair (e.g. high and tight) is recommended but not required.
  • For females, it is recommended that freely-hanging hair not pass the waistline.
  • Any wigs must meet the same requirements as natural hair.

It is the responsibility of individual soldiers to exercise good judgement regarding their appearance. The unit commanders (e.g. the captain and/or first officer) have the authority to punish soldiers that do not meet the standards in their judgement.

Regarding Professional Appearance

It is the duty of a soldier of the Star Army of Yamatai to present a highly professional appearance. Any activity that detracts from a dignified appearance is unacceptable.

In particular, no soldier of the Star Army of Yamatai shall:

  • Use or possess chewing gum or bubble gum or chew on any other non-food objects while in uniform.
  • Use or possess cigarettes, cigars, dip, or any other tobacco product, at any time or use simulated items of the above while in uniform.
  • Spit in public
  • Eat while walking around in uniform.
  • Become intoxicated while in uniform.


If a soldier is found to have willfully disregarded the above regulations, he/she is subject to one or more of the following punishments:

  • Hard labor
  • Forfeiture of previously earned pay of up to three months
  • Forfeiture of future pay of up to three months
  • Forfeiture of leave and/or shore leave
  • Reassignment to a less favorable unit or location
  • Demotions or being barred from promotions
  • Dishonorable discharge

It is also suggested that the commanding officer require a counseling session and that the soldier write an essay on the importance of taking pride in the uniform.

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