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Sakura Pylon Type II

Basic Data

In light of the upgrades to the Sakura-class Light Gunship, specifically the Sakura Enhancement Module, Star Army Officer Kage Yaichiro realized that most Sakura utilizing these upgrades would be lacking in auxiliary STL capability. These pylons contain additional auxiliary engines, and hold them closer to the body of the ship. This is intended not only to minimize the lack of the engines in the nacelles, but also make de-centralize the ship’s STL propulsion systems, so that it is less likely to be rendered adrift in an attack. It features the same weaponry and systems as a standard pylon, though one can more quickly swap out the particle cannons with the new Electron Countermeasure.

A benefit to this design is that existing Sakura Pylons can be, quite easily, refitted into this configuration for 250 SRPs each.


(choose one per pylon)

Ke-S3-W2901 Positron Accelerator Cannons

These cannons function as deadly antimatter railguns, firing massive 2000kg compressed positron shells at near-light speeds. Each railgun fires a subspace pulse (to provide shield penetration effects) which is used to provide short-term encasement to a packet of compressed positrons (which are suspended with electromagnetic fields until leaving the cannon). The positrons annihilate electrons they come in contact with, thus destabilizing and destroying molecules, and creating a surge of energy through the target. Anti-matter weapons should not be used in atmospheres.

  • Location: Nacelles (2 each for a subtotal of 4), Nacelle Pylons (2)
  • Primary Purpose: Anti-starship
  • Secondary Purpose: Bombardment
  • Damage: Rating of 9. Extremely Heavy damage against any starship. Smaller starships or starships without high-end armor will likely be completely obliterated.
  • Area of Effect: Point of impact and splash area
  • Range: About 804,672 km (500,000 miles)
  • Rate of Fire: One burst every seven and a half seconds.
  • Payload: Self regenerating.

Ke-S3-W2904 Electron Countermeasure

The Electron Countermeasure is extremely simple, and built around the design of the Ke-S3-W2901 Positron Accelerator Cannon, as the electron mass must be equal to or greater than the positron mass for a reaction to fully eliminate the positron shell. In normal combat, it is little more than a mass driver that can be fired to support Power Armor combat. However, while it uses the launching mechanism of the Ke-S3-W2901, and is interchangeable with it, it is more defensive than offensive, not having the same effect on normal matter as its counterpart. It is solely defensive, fired to intercept positron shells and annihilate them before they can contact the ship. In addition, as electrons are far more simple to create than electrons, its refire rate is nearly double that of its counterpart, and it has a more wide firing arc, thanks to the simpler design allowing more room for movement. It should be noted that an antimatter reaction WILL occur when these materials come in contact, so the vessel will need the shielding levels necessary to sustain the energy released, which changes with distance. Positrons, in spite of this technology, are still a very dangerous threat to starships.

  • Primary Purpose: Countermeasure
  • Secondary Purpose: Bombardment
  • Damage: Rating of 2. Essentially a glorified Mass Driver.
  • Area of Effect: Point of impact and splash area
  • Range: About 804,672 km (500,000 miles)
  • Rate of Fire: One burst every four seconds.
  • Payload: Self regenerating.

SRP Cost

Item Point Cost (Each) Number Description Subtotal
Sublight Engine Speed (in c) x 1000 .25(/2)* Gravimetric Engines (Nacelles) 125
Armor (per section of the ship) 50 x DR 1, DR 9 Zesuaium-Reinforced Yamataium 450
Stealth Armor (per section) 200 1 Xiulurium 200
Base Total: 775

* each pylon contributes half of the 0.25c, and are rated individually at 0.125c

Add 225 SRPs for a Particle Cannon, or 50 SRP for an Electron Countermeasure.

(halved to comply with Speed Standard on 10/30/07)

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