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Star Army Escape Pod, Type 41 "Kodate"

Made based on the Star Army Escape Pod, Type 35 "Seizonsha" by Kage Yaichiro in YE 41 for the Star Army of Yamatai, the Type 41 Star Army Escape Pod “Kodate” is meant for use by NH-33M (Miniature) or other future types of “Mini-Neko”. This not only is intended to give Mini-Neko a more suitable escape pod, but also serves as 'drop-in' quarters for the Mini-Neko which match their 1/10 scale. This, in turn, allows craft equipped with the Type 41 “Kodate” Star Army Escape Pod to better support notable numbers of Mini-Neko even if not originally designed to do so.

About the Kodate

The Type 35M “Kodate” Star Army Escape Pod is designed to cater to the Mini-Neko not only for the purposes of safety, but also serves as a drop-in method of retrofitting ships to better support Mini-Neko in their crew. The Kodate is actually a way to use Mini-Neko as a force multiplier to have a large number of Power Armored Infantry that take up 1/1000th the space and resources of normal crew, plus their armor and weapons.

The “Kodate” adds a number of scaled down rooms for the Mini-Neko which serve as infrastructure to support these Mini-Neko in daily living and during time adrift, including living space in the form of scaled down cabins. This escape pod can house up to 160 Mini-Neko (four per room) and 3 normal-sized people if needed, though it is more typical to have up to 80 Mini-Neko (two per room) and 1 full-sized person or a Mini-Neko employing an appropriately scaled Power Armor. The presence of a single full-sized person or equivalent is so that the escape pod and any survival equipment can be more easily maintained, but is not a true requirement.


“Kodate” (戸​建​て) means “separate house” or “detached house” in Yamataian. This refers to the escape pod's dual role as escape pod and living quarters. The 'ko' in 'kodate' can also be interpreted as meaning 'small' in reference to the house's size or the size of its occupants, though the kanji does not align with this second interpretation.

Key Features

Detailed data is on the original Star Army Escape Pod, Type 35 "Seizonsha" page, so this page will only list the essentials. The Kodate is unarmed.

  • Standard Operating Capacity of 80 NH-33M (Miniature) and a single normal-sized person or Mini-Neko in Power Armor
  • Maximum Capacity of 160 NH-33M (Miniature) and three normal-sized people or Mini-Neko in Power Armor
  • STL: 0.2c (~59,958 kilometers per second) (~37,256 miles per second)
  • CFS: 0.00c to 730c (2 ly/d)
  • Fold: 131,490c (0.25 ly/m)
    • Range: 20 LY per jump
    • Charge Time: 30 minutes from capacitors, 15 minutes if Aether Generator is online.


Externally, there is no difference between the Seizonsha and the Kodate. Internally, however, four of the seats have been replaced with vertical pillar-like structures. Each contains 10 1/10th scale (25cm high each) Star Army Large Crew Cabin, Type 40s for 40 total. Each of the four structures has another to-scale room of a different type. These are a Standard Star Army Crew Shower with additional toilets, a simple Standard Star Army Wardroom that doubles as a bridge with volumetric controls, a Standard Star Army Laundry Room, and a heavily scaled down Autonomous Medical Treatment Center.

The bottoms of the structures also contain the electronics and plumbing for the systems that are harder to minimize to scale as well as storage for added rations, air, and water. Because of these changes, Mini-Neko can survive in this escape pod for a rather extended period of time.

OOC Notes

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