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Special Operations Fire Team

A Special Operations Fire Team (SOFT) is a very small, semi-autonomous combat unit used by the Star Army of Yamatai. These units began to appear around YE 37 and are part of Star Army Command and/or Star Army Intelligence. It is based around a small fire team of 4-5 infantry and a handful of support staff. These self-contained groups of elite soldiers are highly skilled at infiltration, intelligence-gathering, and combat.

For reasons of security and secrecy, SOFT teams are highly compartmentalized; their operations are typically unknown to each other. If one cell were to be compromised, the breach would be contained. The Star Army does not list how many SOFT teams it actually has, and assigns their numbers seemingly at random.


SOFT teams are assigned to secretive and unconventional tasks that are important to the Star Army of Yamatai, but unsuitable for conventional forces like starships or legion units. Missions and tasks may include special reconnaissance, military intelligence (both common for SAINT's SOFT teams), unconventional warfare, and counter-terrorism. Command points the team at an objective, and the team figures out a way to achieve that objective.


The fire team generally consists of 4-5 “Operators”:

  • 1 Team Leader - leads the team and fights. Usually an NCO, but can be an officer. Usually the team diplomat.
  • 1 Combat Engineer - gets the team through doors and technological obstacles and traps.
  • 1 Heavy weapons guy - suppresses the enemy with firepower. Crowd control. Tank.
  • 1 Stealther/Sniper - The “rogue” of the party. Sneaks ahead or provides overwatch.
  • (Optional) 1 Medic - heals the team or persons being rescued as needed1).

The fire team's support team may consist of:

  • Team Commander - Assigns objectives, provides advice. Always an officer.
  • Supply Specialist - She gets your supplies and also flies your shuttle.
  • IT Guy - Uses sensors to map stuff for the team. Sometimes can hack enemy computers.


SOFTs typically have a stealth shuttle, which is quietly inserted into the area of operations by a starship. They may also have a small forward operating base. There are enough power armors for the team and teams are authorized to carry almost any weapon in the Star Army's list of equipment.


OOC Notes

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