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Arashi-class Escort

A venerable destroyer used by the Star Army of Yamatai from YE 25 to YE 32.

About the Arashi

The Arashi easily outclassed the Wakizashi Destroyers built by Qel'noran Shipyards in size, weaponry, and overall capability. This was not for the sake of competition, but for the sake of survival. The Star Army Research Administration believed that the best way to ensure victory in the numerous wars the Star Army was fighting was through strength in numbers, technology, and adaptation. This ship is meant to facilitate all three of the above advantages. The Arashi has no TTD or Hyperspace Fold Drive because the Star Army of Yamatai's capital ships can carry their escorts with them.

History and Background

Designed in late YE 24, and brought to production in early YE 25, the Arashi is made to serve as the Star Army's new escort destroyer. As war raged on, and Qel'noran Shipyards became politically unstable, Ketsurui Fleet Yards made good on its promise to create a superior new vessel to act as an escort (since its Ki-D2 Yui Recon-Scout Destroyer was slated as an intelligence ship).

The Arashi was upgraded as part of the Fleet Improvement Program in late YE 28.

Dimensions and Crew Complement

  • Organizations Using This Vessel: Star Army of Yamatai
  • Type: Mid-Range Fleet Escort
  • Class: Ke-D3-2
  • Manufacturer: Ketsurui Fleet Yards: Hoshi no Iori, Albini, Iori Star Fortresses
  • Production: YD-691 through YD-800 (110), Ki-D3-1a and millions for the Star Army's war fleets
  • Crew: 28 (not counting EIES's army of NH-12 Sprites)
  • Note: The Computer System may generate its own neko sprites for security, cleaning, etc.

Command Staff: 2 Command Support: 10 Ship Crew (Enlisted): 14 Ship Support Staff: 3

  • Pilots: 2,000
  • Maximum Capacity: About 500 human-size persons.
  • Appearance: Central main body flanked by two thin, slightly curved plates on either side. Slit along the horizontal centerline in the forward part of the ship (side view below).
  • Length: 198.12 meters / 650 feet
  • Width: 121.92 meters / 400 feet
  • Height: 73.152 meters / 240 feet
  • Decks: 20 @ About 3.5m each
  • Mass: 141,520,800 kg / 156,000 tons

Performance Statistics

New Standard Speeds

Cat Starship Type Sublight Engines Distortion Field Hyperspace Drive
1 Standard Warships .375c (~112,422 kilometers per second) 18,750c (~2.14 ly/h) 394,470c (0.75 ly/m)
  • Not designed to fly in (but capable of slowly moving through and landing in) a planet's atmosphere.
  • Range (Distance): Limited only by the operating life of the vessel.
  • Range (Support): ?
  • Lifespan: Twenty years, estimated.
  • Refit Cycle: About once every three years.

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • Hull: 20
  • Shields: 20 (Threshold 2)

Inside the Arashi

Bridge: As the control center of the ship, the bridge has all the necessary stations in it: Tactical, Defensive Systems, Navigation, Science, Communications, and Operations (the Captain's). Indented into the floor are the pilots' pits, totally immersive control environments. Pilots fly the ships using an advanced neural interface. The cockpits are usually reserved for combat situations, as the ship's computer handles most flight ops. The basic layout of the bridge stations can be seen here (with the top of the chart representing the front of the bridge/ship). Given the nature of the displays, the control stations can be used for alternate functions if necessary. The bridge chairs, as well as the larger recliners in the briefing room, provide footrests.

Crew Quarters: The Arashi's standard quarters are small and simple, filled by Traditional Nekovalkyrja Nests.

Lifts: The lifts provide quick access from deck to deck. A lift can also be used to travel to other ships when vessels link together (All Star Army ships have standard gauges of systems with adjustable external docking mechanisms, allowing lift cars to move from ship to ship). The Arashi has two heavy lifts as well as the usual personnel systems. Each standard lift car can fit 1 Ke-M1 Lamia, 3 Ke-M2 Mindy or 12 NH-17 Nekovalkyrja, while the heavy lifts can carry anything that fits on a 25-foot-wide circular pad (Such as a BW-6b Main Battle Tank). In addition, the Arashi contains two zero-gravity tubes for internal cargo movement.

Passageways: The Arashi has Traditional Uesureyan Passageways.

Power Armor Bays: Standard Star Army Power Armor Bays

Ship Systems

Armored Hull and Hull-Integrated Systems

Hull: The key substance that makes up the hull armor of the ship is Zesuaium. Zesuaium is a substance which does not conduct any form of electromagnetic radiation, including heat and electricity. It neither bends nor breaks, but will remain in a solid piece. In the fabrication of Zesuaium, one substance is molded in the shape desired, and then is transmuted into the fixed Zesuaium form. Each plate of the armor is dotted with millions of tiny connection points to allow additional armor and paint to be added. The frame of the ship is Zesuaium, and the armor plates are made of Zesuaium coated Titanium Boron Carbide. By using only thin layers of Zesuaium armor to fortify lightweight metal ceramics, weight is kept low. Windows are made out of a special transparent Zesuaium which does not block visible light. Zesuaium's main vulnerability is to antimatter weapons.

Ablative Armor Coating: In addition to their Zesuaium-reinforced hull plating, Arashi-class destroyers have the ability to deploy 20cm of heavy armor over the entire hull of the ship, including areas normally exposed such as the CDD, thrusters, and sensors. When the armor takes damage, it flakes away in a controlled manner (ablation), absorbing the destructive force. The armor can then be repaired using hemosynthesis, making the armor self-regenerative. A combined Photonic/Gravitonic field further protects the armor.

Graviton Beam Projector (8): This device creates a stream of gravitons which can be used to tow other spacecraft.

Rapid Launch Bays: The ship's exterior is lined with large rapid-launch bays, which are forcefield-contained extended openings in the hull. The bays make it possible for very large numbers of power armor to leap out into space and into combat at their convenience. Inside the Rapid Launch Bays, thousands of loaded Lamia M1 Power Armors are ready for deployment, with the area closest to the forcefields designated for rearming during battle. Deeper into the bays, the ship contains standby units and facilities for repair and maintenance of the power armors.

Field Systems

Emergency Systems

The Arashi contains the Star Army Standard Starship Emergency Systems but it lacks escape pods. Sorry!

Environmental Systems

Air Recycling System: Description pending (Submit one on the forums if you'd like).

ADN Device

The Arashi is equipped with a ADN Device to protect against psionics.

Sensor and Computer Systems

Weapons Systems

Transposition Fold Cannon (1)

Positron Accelerator Cannons (4)

Projected Aether Beams

KFY Type 27 Torpedo Tubes (6)

Variable Weapons Pods (120)

WickedArms Corporation WA-06 Missile Launchers (60)

Located all over the Arashi Escort destroyer's hull. When not in use, the missiles are protected by launcher covers.

See: Ke-S2-W3002 Missile Launchers

Vehicle Complement

OOC Notes

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