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Glorious Chiharu-Class Flagship

The Ketsurui Fleet Yards Ke-B2-2G “Glorious Chiharu” is a rebuild of the much earlier Chiharu-class Flagship. It began serving in Star Army of Yamatai in Spring YE 33. It is named after Ketsurui Chiharu. It was created under order of Shizuka Endo-Taisho for the Eighth Standard Fleet

About the Glorious Chiharu-Class

The concept of the Glorious Chiharu-Class was focused on retaining the power and stature of the Chiharu-Class flag, while updating it's features and modules to match the current era in the Star Army of Yamatai. It is armed with a formidable array of weapons, but nothing compared to its predecessor. Like the new Yamato-Class it can transport non-fold ships to and from combat, such as the Chiaki-class (1B) Escort Destroyer, and Hayai-Class Gunboat. But this was not a defining feature of the class, and thus was not made to carry as much. It accomplishes this by using the same fold extender that the Heitan-class Carrier field tests. Like the has the added factor of concealing the number of vessels approaching from the enemy. Again using the Yamato-Class as a base for the upgrades, the Glorious Chiharu-Class also has the ability to extend its shields to cover other vessels. This is done at the loss of overall shield strength.


As the Glorious Chiharu-Class is designed to be able to be applied to the existing Chiharu-Class, not much has changed. The Nekovalkyrja Flagship is long, pointed, and very sleek, like a spear tip stretching across space. Its underside sensor dish however has been compacted and moved closer to the bridge, which has also changed slightly. The Glorious Chiharu-Class' bridge has been lowered and more securely armored in it's connection to the main hull. Many Chiharu have complex engravings and sculptured patterns along the hull reflecting the fleet's history.


The new design came about when the Eighth Standard Fleet reconstructed their flag ship; a heavily damaged Chiharu-class Flagship. The Taisho having valued the imposing size of the ship wanted to salvage it. During her evaluation, it was deemed necessary to completely overhaul the ship's systems and as the new Yamato-Class design made many modules that worked well with the size of the ship, Shizuka implemented these towards the Glorious Chiharu.

Statistics and Performance

General Information

Type: Flagship Class: Ke-B2 Series Designer: Ketsurui Fleet Yards, Shizuka Endo Manufacturer: Ketsurui Fleet Yards Production: Test types in production Fielded by: Star Army of Yamatai, Eighth Standard Fleet

Crew and Accommodations

Crew: About 2,000 Nekovalkyrja. Maximum Capacity: About 18,000 persons.

Total Personnel: 2,037

Command Staff:

  • 001 Commander (Chujo or Shôshô)
  • 001 First Officer (Taisa)
  • 010 Intelligence Officers
  • 003 Starship Navigators
  • 150 Communications Officers
  • 060 Operations Officers
  • 006 Capital Ship Pilots

Crew Support Personnel:

  • 012 Supply Officers
  • 050 Armorers
  • 500 Cooking Staff
  • 020 Science Officers
  • 100 Medical Staff

Ship Support Personnel:

  • 050 Tactical Specialists
  • 012 Defensive Systems Specialists
  • 400 Technical Sentries
  • 012 Power Systems Specialists

Combat Personnel:

  • 150 Fighter Pilots ( A full Wing )
  • 500 Power Armor Infantry. ( A complete infantry battalion )


  • Length: 5000m
  • Width: 1200m
  • Height: 400m
  • Decks: 80 at 5 meters each
  • Mass: 7,165,900 tons

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • Hull: 50
  • Shields (normal): 50 (Threshold 5) or
  • Shields (extended): 30 (Threshold 3)


Durability and Maintenance

  • Range: Unlimited
  • Lifespan: The vessel is estimated to operate for at least 80 years of constant use.
  • Refit Cycle: Frequent minor modifications while in service through the PANTHEON automatic upgrade system. Despite its long development time, the design could be subject to alterations based on its experiences in the Second Mishhuvurthyar War.

Inside the Glorious Chiharu-Class

Compartment Layouts

Conduits and Passageways

Control Centers

Living and Dining Areas

Science and Medical Areas

Storage and Maintenance Areas

Systems Rooms

Recovery Bay

Located on the bottom of the Glorious Chiharu-Class is the recovery bay. It is used after battle to house damaged vessels to be taken back to the nearest base or Anri for repairs. It is a large open area that is kept at zero-g. Along the inner wall are twenty-five telescoping docking umbilicals. Located on the top and bottom of the bay are fifty telescoping docking arms to hold the ships secure.

Bay Dimensions

  • Length: 500 meters
  • Height: 100 meters
  • Width: 150 meters

Ships that fit in the bay

Aerospace craft Bays

The Glorious Chiharu-Class has two Yamato styled large aerospace craft bays, located in the port and starboard sections of the ship. Each bay has two separate launch/recovery areas, and below the launch/recovery area is the craft maintenance berths.

The launch/recovery area is three decks high and allows for rapid launching and recovering craft. There are four elevators capable of raising and lowering two craft between the maintenance and launch/recovery area.

The Glorious Chiharu has four maintenance areas, each is two decks high and has forty berths for craft, giving a capacity for eighty vehicles in repair. Each maintenance berth has a Star Army Tool Locker for maintaining the craft.

Docking Ports

Located on the upper and lower portions of the recovery bays are located a retractable docking port. The docking port consists of telescoping mechanical clamps to secure the vessel. Each port also contains a telescoping docking airlock to allow personnel to transfer from the damaged vessel to the Flagship.


Ke-B4-P3300 Hyper Spacefold Engine

The Glorious Chiharu-Class has two Ketsurui Fleet Yards Hyperspace Fold Engines. One is sufficient to allow the Flagship to travel. The other engine is only used in conjunction with the Ke-B4-P3301 Fold Booster.

Ke-B4-P3301 - Hyperspace Fold Field Booster

The Glorious Chiharu-Class has a pair of hyperspace fold emitters which allow the carrier to produce a fold bubble large enough to encompass a group of ships. The compliment of warships is then taken into hyperspace for rapid engagement of the enemy when they drop out. They are located on the sides of the carrier.

The Boosters allow the Glorious Chiharu-Class to generate a hyperspace bubble of one kilometer in radius.

Ke-B4-P3302 Turbo Aether Plasma Drive

The Glorious Chiharu-Class utilizes six Turbo Aether Plasma Drive drives for sublight propulsion.

Ke-B4-P3303 Maneuvering Thrusters

The Glorious Chiharu-Class has eighty-six clusters of ion thrusters. These are used for attitude control, station keeping, and docking maneuvers.

Ke-B4-S3300 Combined Field System

The Glorious Chiharu-Class uses a Combined Field System for its shields to defend the warship. It is configured only for defense and stealth capabilities.

Ke-B4-S3301 CFS Shield Expander

The Glorious Chiharu-Class has CFS Shield Expander, this system expands the shields to cover a larger area. Allowing the Flagship to use its shields to protect its escorts. However, this expansion is not without cost. Expanding the shields to maximum reduces the effectiveness by 40%.

Weapons Systems

Ship Vehicles

This is the typical compliment of Aerospace craft that can be carried on the Glorious Chiharu-Class.

Ships of Class

OOC Notes

space for 27 but only 25 docking umbilicals
space for 130 but only 25 docking umbilicals
space for 540 but only 25 docking umbilicals
space for 120 but only 25 docking umbilicals
space for 700 but only 25 docking umbilicals

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