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"Guriddo" Defense System Deployment Considerations

This page provides information on how to deploy the "Guriddo" Defense System.

The "Guriddo" Defense System is a scalable, configurable defense network. Depending on what is to be protected, and the strategic, logistic value, the "Guriddo" Defense Systemcan be deployed in a variety of configurations.

Note: Each Ke-H5-W3200 "Kyouheki" Defense Platforms counts against a fleet/factions ship count.


For example: A planet needs coverage in all three directions. So one has to balance the distance of the deployed units verses the response time.

Planet example has the following:

The reason for 20 Ke-H5-W3200 "Kyouheki" Defense Platforms is to have them spaced equidistant. Forming a Dodecahedron and I decided for this discussion that .25 AU would be the spacing between each point. At this distance it allows some of the Ke-H5-W3200 "Kyouheki" Defense Platforms to be able to fire on the same enemy vessels. The formation at its widest is .35 AU. Why so many you may ask, as the table below shows below it takes time to move them around. You can not guarantee that an enemy is going to come from a particular direction so you need units positioned to cover all vectors. To move a platform from one side of the formation to the other takes more than 14 minutes, since you can not go straight because you have a planet in the center. Also do not forget that moving them then creates holes in your defenses. One can figure you can only use about 1/3 of your network against a particular attack group without compromising your defenses.

Click to view a rotating dodecahedron

Now with all that said, this range is actually is probably too close, because it means that your forces engage the enemy at between 10-20 minutes from the planet. So you could expand the distance to .5 AU and from the table you can see the time issue. With them deployed at .5 AU from the closest unit, the deployment is now .7 AU across, meaning that you can not easily move forces from one side to the other even if you wanted to because they will take 40+ minutes. And the only real weapons the nearby stations can bring to bear are the Ke-S3-W3020 Main Weapon Array because of range.


For a deep space station a basic configuration would probably use a Hexahedron or cube configuration. With one Ke-H5-W3200 "Kyouheki" Defense Platforms positioned above and below and four equidistant at the center.

Station example has the following:

A station can use a smaller defense grid because most have some form of mobility. But depending on the type and mission it may not be able to move.

Component Speeds

Component Speed 1 AU .5 AU .25 AU
Ke-H5-W3200 "Kyouheki" Defense Platforms .2c 40 min 20 min 10 min
Ke-H5-M3200 "Nesuto" Docking Platforms .2c 40 min 20 min 10 min
Ke-H5-W3201 "Suzumebachi" Attack Drones .4c 20 min 10 min 10 min
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