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Ke-H5-M3200 "Nesuto" Docking Platforms

The Nesuto (Nest) Docking Platforms are part of the "Guriddo" Defense System, and came into service in YE 32.

Nesuto Platform

About Nesuto Platform

The Nesuto Platform was developed to store the Ke-H5-W3201 "Suzumebachi" Attack Drones. Each Nesuto has eighteen docking points to hold the attack craft.


The Nesuto Platform was developed for use with the "Guriddo" Defense System. It was created to fill the requirement of rapid deployment of the attack craft. The earlier concepts resembled large mobile hangars, but they would require all the facilities a living crew would require. When the decision was made to use the Ke-H5-W3201 "Suzumebachi" Attack Drones the designers realized they could simplify the storage facility by removing all the unnecessary elements and make it an unmanned installation.


The core of the Nesuto is the command module. From it protrude eighteen docking arms. Each arm is extend-able and ends in the docking assembly. It is colored in the Star Army of Yamatai blue.

Nesuto Platform

Statistical Data


Class: Nesuto
Nomenclature: Ke-H5-M3200
Type: Docking Platform
Designers: Ketsurui Fleet Yards, Takumi
Manufacturer: Ketsurui Fleet Yards
Organizations using this ship: Star Army of Yamatai


Extended Length: 180 meters (590.4 feet)
Width: 180 meters (590.4 feet)
Height: 180 meters (590.4 feet)

Retracted Length: 90 meters (295.2 feet)
Width: 90 meters (295.2 feet)
Height: 90 meters (295.2 feet)

Nesuto Deploying


The Nesuto has no propulsion system. For movement to its operation position, the Nesuto uses the Ke-H5-W3201 "Suzumebachi" Attack Drones to maneuver. It can only move at a fraction of their maximum speed.

  • Sublight Engines: .2c (~59,958 kilometers per second)

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 2) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • Structure: 20 SP (Armor)

Nesuto systems


The Nesuto is constructed on a frame of Durandium Alloy and covered in Durandium Alloy plates.

Docking Stations

The Nesuto has eighteen docking stations for the Ke-H5-W3201 "Suzumebachi" Attack Drones. Once docked the Suzumebachi become slaved to the Nesuto computer system. Each of them are mounted on extending arms that allow the Suzumebachi to be deployed in less than thirty seconds from secured mode. When the launch sequence is started, the arms extend which allow all the craft to safely launch without hitting each other.

Aether Generator

The Nesuto uses a standard Ketsurui Fleet Yards Aether Generator.

Computer Sensors

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