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Henry Chen-class Training Ship

The Ke-L6-1a Henry Chen-class Training ship is a mobile training facility that became available in YE 31.

Under the Military Buildup Limitations, the Henry Chen are considered warships.

About the Henry Chen

The Henry Chen-class Training Ship is a mobile Star Army of Yamatai training facility. The concept was to improve the quality of soldier training by providing hands on experience. It is a mobile facility that can take groups of trainees to various environments for their training. It is named after Taisho Henry Chen. The Henry Chen has simulators that recreate most common Star Army of Yamatai ship sections.


The initial design concept for the Henry Chen was started in YE 30. With the advent of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War, the development effort was expedited. Some changes were made to the design as a result of the war. It entered service in YE 31.


Statistical Data


Class: Henry Chen-class Training Ship Nomenclature: Ke-L6-1a Type: Science Vessel Designers: Ketsurui Fleet Yards, Ketsurui Zaibatsu, Star Army Research Administration Manufacturer: Gemini Star Fortress, Ketsurui Fleet Yards Date entered service: YE 31 Production: TBD

Crew and Accommodations

Crew: 375 (350 Enlisted, 25 Officers) Passengers: 800 (750 Trainees, 50 Instructors - Warrant officers/Officers) Total capacity: 1175 Emergency Capacity: 2,500 people can fit aboard in an emergency, but the ship would be extremely cramped.


Length: 360 meters ( 1,180.8 feet) Width: (Fuselage) 120 meters ( 393.6 feet) Width: (Overall) 200 meters ( 656 feet) Height: 60 meters ( 196.8 feet) Decks: 14 (4 meters each)

Propulsion and Range


  • Atmospheric: Mach 5
  • Turbo Aether Plasma .3c (~89,937 kilometers per second) (~55,884 miles per second)
    • Minimum: Resting motionless
    • Cruising Speed: 10,000c (~1.144 ly/h)
    • Maximum Speed: 12,500c ( 1.43 ly/h)
  • Hyperspace Drive: 394,470c ( 0.75ly/m)

See Star Army of Yamatai Starship Speeds for a comparison of the Henry Chen's speeds with other ships of the Star Army of Yamatai. This ship is equipped with Anti-FTL field countermeasures.

Durability and Maintenance

  • Service Lifespan: Estimated 20 years of constant use, although this could certainly be extended.
  • Refit Cycle: Frequent minor updates through the PANTHEON system and a refit once every two or three years.

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

Hull: 40 Shields: 40 (Threshold 2)

Inside the Henry Chen-class Training Ship

Deck Sections
One Simulators - Small craft, Ground vehicles
Two Simulators - Starships
Three Secondary Bridge, Classrooms, Instructor Wardroom, Ship's Store
Four Power Armor Bay, Magazine, MEGAMI, Instructor lounge, Trainee Quarters, Laundry
Five Power Armor Bay, Magazine, Medical Center, Trainee Quarters, Laundry
Six Trainee Lounge, Trainee Mess & Gallery, Trainee Quarters, Laundry
Seven Engineering, Primary Bridge, Avionics, Wardroom
Eight Engineering, MEGAMI, Crew lounge, Ship's Store , Post Office
Nine Engineering, Crew Quarters, Laundry, Crew Mess & Galley
Ten Shuttle Bay, Armory, Recreation / Fitness Area
Eleven Shuttle Bay, Armory, Firearms Training Area, Cargo Bay
Twelve Fabrication Area, Cargo Bay
Thirteen Vehicle bay, Armory, Cargo bay
Fourteen Vehicle bay, Armory, Cargo bay


The Henry Chen has four Star Army Armories. They are at the following locations:

  • Decks four and five outside of the Power Armor Bay
  • Deck thirteen and fourteen outside the starboard vehicle bay.
  • Deck thirteen and fourteen outside the port vehicle bay.
  • Deck ten and eleven for ship personnel.


The Henry Chen avionics are located in the bow on deck seven, and contains the following sensors:

Passive Omni-directional Sensors

Active Omnidirectional Sensors

Uni-directional Sensors (Passive)


The Henry Chen has two Standard Medium Starship Bridges.

  • Primary bridge is for operation of the ship; it is located on deck seven.
  • Secondary bridge serves as the training command center and in the event of damage to the primary bridge, serves as auxiliary control. The secondary bridge us located on deck three

Cargo Area

The Henry Chen has an extensive cargo area, which contains supplies for trainees, as well repair materials for the ship and its systems. They are stored in a variety of Standard Starship Cargo Containers. The cargo bay is located in the forward sections of decks fourteen, thirteen, twelve and eleven in two deck sections. Exterior doors allow loading into deck fourteen. Cargo elevators allow cargo to be transferred to decks twelve and eleven.


The Henry Chen as a training vessel has classrooms for trainees. They are naturally used to conduct classroom portions of trainee lessons, as well as to review group performance in the simulators. The classrooms have desks with computer terminals built into them for the trainees. They also have a desk for the instructor with volumetric displays, white boards and large LCD display. Classrooms are on deck three.

Computer Room

The Henry Chen has two Standard Computer Rooms. Each is located under one of the bridges.


The Henry Chen has a Star Army Engineering room except that it is three decks high. It is located aft on decks seven, eight and nine

Fabrication Area

The Henry Chen Star Army Fabrication Area is restricted to ship personnel or trainees with an instructor. It is located on deck twelve.

Firearms Training Area

The Henry Chen has a Firearm range designed to allow the trainees to gain proficiency with Star Army of Yamatai most common sidearms, submachine guns, and rifles. (See Star Army of Yamatai small arms.

Laundry Room

The Henry Chen has twenty-four Standard Laundry Rooms. They are located near the various quarter sections on the following decks:

  • Deck four has six.
  • Deck five has five.
  • Deck six has five.
  • Deck nine has eight.


The Henry Chen has three Standard Crew Lounges. They are located at:

  • Deck eight this one is used by the ship crew
  • Deck four this one is for use of the instructors
  • Deck six this one is the largest and is for trainee use.


The Henry Chen has a Standard Star Army Magazineto store its arsenal of Ke-Z1 Series Anti-Starship Torpedoes. The magazine can store eighteen torpedoes.


The autoloader is used to transfer the torpedoes from the Magazine, to the Ke-L6-W3100 torpedo arrays. The autoloader system has two tracks for each pylon to transfer torpedoes. One is used for delivering a torpedo and other is a return path for use when changing the torpedo. The autoloader system performs a visual clearance check to ensure that the tracks are unobstructed before moving torpedoes.

Maintenance Conduits

The Henry Chen uses Standard Maintenance Conduits to allow the crew to maintain the many systems onboard.

Medical Center

The Henry Chen has the first complete Autonomous Medical Treatment Center installation replacing a standard medical center. It was installed in direct response to the tactic used by the Mishhuvurthyar. It is located on deck five.

Mess and Galley


There are two large Star Army Galleys. One is for the use of the Henry Chen crew. It is located on deck nine. The second galley is used to provide for the trainees and is located on deck six.


There are two Standard Star Army Dining Halls on the ship. One is for the use of the Henry Chen crew. It is located on deck nine. The second mess is used to provide for the trainees and is located on deck six.


The Henry Chen uses Standard Passageways for horizontal travel, and Star Army Zero-gravity Passageways for vertical travel.

Post Office

The Henry Chen has a Standard Star Army Post Office located on deck eight.

Power Armor Bay

The Henry Chen has a Standard Star Army Power Armor Bay it accessed by the upper bay on the stern of the ship. It is located on decks four and five.


Ship Crew

There are 175 Standard Crew Cabins with seven Star Army Laundry Rooms. They are located on deck nine.

There are 25 Standard Officers' Cabins with one Star Army Laundry Room. They are located on deck nine.

There is one Star Army Standard Captain's Suite located on deck nine.


There are 375 Trainee cabins and fifteen Star Army Laundry Rooms. The trainee cabins are arranged on decks four, five and six with 125 cabins per deck, and five Star Army Laundry Rooms.

There are 50 Instructor cabins and they share one Star Army Laundry Room (on deck four). Instructor cabins are arranged as follows; thirteen on decks four and five, fourteen on deck six.

Recreation / Fitness Area

Located on deck ten of the Henry Chen is the recreation and fitness area. This large area is designed to help keep the crew physically fit. The fitness side contains an assortment of exercise machines: weights, treadmills, etc. The other side is for recreation. It is configurable, for various activities; such as group calisthenics, practicing katas, martial art matches, other sports. Due to the size of the Henry Chen's compliment, there is an actual running track that surrounds the fitness area.

Ship's Store

The Henry Chen has two Star Army Ship's Stores. One is located on deck three, and the other is on deck eight.

Shuttle Bay

The Henry Chen has a Star Army Shuttle Bay it is accessed by the lower bay on the stern of the ship. It is located on decks ten and eleven.


Decks one and two of the Henry Chen are the simulators. This is where Star Army of Yamatai trainees who are going to be assigned to starships, receive hands on training on ship simulators. There are control rooms where instructors can monitor the simulators and the trainees. Instructors can also program situations for the trainees to deal with.

Ship Simulators (Deck 2)

For starships, the simulators consist of working simulations of most common Star Army of Yamatai ships such as the Plumeria-class (2D) Medium Gunship, Yui-class Scout and Nozomi-class Scout. The simulators typically include bridge, engineering systems as these are the most typical duty locations. When in use, the simulators function in a realistic manner, and are capable of simulating gravity, inertia, combat situations. Thru the use of controlled Nodal System activity can create realistic battle damage, including minor explosions.

Typical configuration:

Small craft simulators (Deck 1)

Ground vehicle simulators (Deck 1)

Vehicle bay

There are two vehicle bays on the Henry Chen. They are two decks high and are located on decks thirteen and fourteen. Adjacent to the vehicle bay on deck is the vehicle maintenance area.


There are two Standard Star Army Wardrooms. One is used by the officers of the Henry Chen. It is located on deck seven. The other wardroom is used for the officers involved with the trainees. It is located on deck three.

Weapon placements

Ship Systems

Armored Hull

The Henry Chen gets it armor from the Ke-L6-H3100 hull. The exterior is a 1.25-meter-thick layer of Yamataium attached to the Durandium Alloy frame of the ship. All windows on the Henry Chen are made of Transparent Durandium. The following areas are reinforced with Zesuaium for either additional safety or security concerns: Computer rooms, Armories, and the Magazine.

Combined Field System

The Henry Chen uses a Ke-L6-S3100 Combined Field System of Ketsurui Fleet Yards design for shields.

Computer and Sensor Systems

The Henry Chen uses the MEGAMI Integrated Electronics System package and is also equipped with a Psionic Signal Controller. It is also equipped with a Type 31 Electronic Warfare Suite.

Emergency Systems

The Henry Chen contains all Star Army Emergency Systems.

Blast Shutters

On the Henry Chen, blast shutters are located:

  • at the entrances to the armories (always locked and closed)
  • at the entrance to the bridges
  • at the entrance to the computer rooms (always locked and closed)
  • at the entrances to engineering
  • at the entrances to the power armor bay
  • at the entrances to the recreation area
  • at the entrances to the wardrooms
  • at the entrances to the mess & galley areas
  • at the entrances to the shuttle bay.
  • at the entrances to the vehicle bays.
  • at the entrances to the cargo bays.
  • on every deck level in the main passageway and cargo lift shaft (between two and three, etc.)

Damage Control Stations

There are ten Standard Damage Control Stations on every deck of the Henry Chen.

Escape Pods

The Henry Chen is equipped with 235 Star Army Escape Pod, Type 30s. They are positioned in strategic locations. Trainees are assigned to specific pods as part of the orientation.

Soul Savior Pod

Due to the size of the compliment aboard the Henry Chen it carries three Soul Savior Pod to provide enough storage capacity.

Life Support System

The Henry Chen's Life support systems is of Ketsurui Fleet Yards design. It is intended to handle the requirements of 1175 Nekovalkyrja or Yamtaians

Cooling System

All major heat-generating pieces of equipment are paired with Ketsurui Fleet Yards appropriately-sized heat absorbers, which rapidly and effectively absorb thermal radiation and convert it to usable energy.

Power Systems

The primary power source for the Henry Chen is the Ke-L6-G3100 Aether generator. Secondary power is provided by four Ke-L6-G3101 fusion reactors. Fuel for the reactors is collected by the Matter Collection System and stored for later use.


Distortion drive

The Henry Chen uses a Ke-L6-P3100 Continuum Distortion Drive of Ketsurui Fleet Yards design for its propulsion. It has no auxiliary engines, the CDD handles STL and FTL travel.

Hyperspace Fold

The Henry Chen uses a Ke-L6-P3101 hyperspace fold engine of Ketsurui Fleet Yards design. See: Hyperspace Travel

Weapons Systems

The Henry Chen is armed to protect the valuable resources it carries.

  • 2 Ke-L6-W3100 Torpedo Pods. Each has two torpedo tubes, one forward and one rear for Ke-Z1 Series Anti-Starship Torpedoes. An autoloader system carriers torpedoes to and from the ship's Magazine. They are mounted in the upper pylons. The autoloader can deliver a torpedo to the array in one minute.

Vehicle Complement

Power Armor



Ground Vehicles


  • Top view

  • Bottom view

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