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Sharie-class Battleship

The Sharie-Class has served as the battleship for the Star Army of Yamatai since YE 30, and thanks to regular refits and overhauls will now serve past YE 45. It replaced the Yuumi-class Battleship and Chiharu-class Flagship. It was named after Taisho Ketsurui Sharie.

History and Background

It was YE 29. Seven years since their creation, the YE 22 Yuumi-class Battleship were already outdated and the four-year-old Chiharu-class Flagships found themselves being used for battleship work. It was clear that one or both of the aging classes needed replacement, but developing a new battleship would be a long and difficult task.

The First Expeditionary Fleet's branch of Ketsurui Fleet Yards began design work on the B3 Battleship Project in early YE 29, hoping to produce a next-generation battleship by YE 30. After Taisho Ketsurui Sharie was killed by the Mishhuvurthyar that year, Ketsurui Fleet Yards decided honor her with the ship's class name. In YE 30, construction began on the prototype, named YSS Concordia. Work continued on the class for another year, until in the second half of YE 31, the class was finally certified as ready for action to participate in the Second Mishhuvurthyar War, where it performed admirably with only a handful of the class lost in battle.

By YE 35, the Sharie had become widely used in the Star Army and became the backbone of major operations by Star Army fleets. Under the Star Army's five-year equipment review cycle, the class's usage authorization was extended as expected and it received an incremental redesign, resulting in a slightly altered appearance in models built after YE 35.

In YE 37, all Sharies - including the newly-commissioned YSS Takamagahara - were retrofitted with the Type 34 Standard Large Starship Bridge, as part of an experimental upgrade intended to bolster the battleship's already-formidable combat prowess.

In YE 40, the Sharie completed its 5-year class review with flying colors, and the design was reauthorized until at least YE 45.

In expectation of the Sharie-Class Battleship's upcoming review in YE 45, in late YE 44, Taisho Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko approached Ketsurui Fleet Yards with a plan for an overhaul that would keep the aged battleship in service and bring it up to the most modern standards.

Description and Mission Specialization

The Sharie Battleship represents the power of the Yamataian military and is a centerpiece of the Star Army's fleets. Designed for direct combat in fleet engagements, it is imposing in size and capabilities: heavily armored and heavily shielded, the Sharie carries a massive coaxial anti-fleet weapons array.

In addition to the main weapons array, the Sharie is armed with 28 super-heavy turrets, evenly distributed between its upper and lower sides. These turrets are the largest and most powerful ever installed on a Yamataian starship and are equivalent in firepower to the main cannons used on smaller starships like the Plumeria class. The Sharie's firepower coupled with its speed, heavy armor, and command capability makes it ideal for facing groups of ships that outnumber it. The battleship is rounded out with generously distributed anti-fighter missile and beam turrets, torpedo launchers, and mobile weapon pods.

The Sharie is also versatile; in addition to its role as a battleship, it also serves as a light carrier for starfighters and its starship docking ports allow it to serve as a supply and recreational hub for fleets. The ship's size allows it to have more crew amenities than most other starships; this, combined with its relative safety, makes it a prized assignment among Star Army personnel.

Mission Specialization

  • Fleet Combat
  • Fleet Command
  • Strategic Firepower
  • Heavy Orbital Bombardment

Sharie Sharie and Eikan


The Sharie's basic design lineage comes from the enlarged shape of the Irim-class Gunship: it has a dual pronged nose and T-shaped main body (when viewed from the front). From above, the Sharie looks like a spear point with a notch cut from the tip. The large ship is equipped with gorgeously glowing teal engines in two clusters of three, placed on either side of a huge circular main engine. On the main body and engine rests a massive launch bay and attached runway. The ship's hull is two-toned, with some parts (especially the center) a dark gray while other parts are the standard blue-gray. As with all modern Star Army vessels, it is marked with a Star Army Hinomaru on its dorsal surface.

Statistics and Performance

Statistical and performance information for the Sharie-Class Battleship.

General Information

The general information for the Sharie-Class Battleship.

General Statistics for the Sharie-Class Battleship
Year Introduced 1A YE 30, 1B YE 35, 1C YE 37, 1D YE 44
Class/Nomenclature Ke-B3-1A, Ke-B3-1B, Ke-B3-1C, Ke-B3-1D
Alternative Nomenclature None.
Designers Ketsurui Fleet Yards, Star Army Research Administration
Manufacturer Ketsurui Fleet Yards
Fielded By Star Army of Yamatai
Range Unlimited Range
Maintenance Cycle Five year PANTHEON updates, 10 year review by the Star Army of Yamatai with refits as needed.
Lifespan This vessel is designed for fifty years of continual use.
Pricing 550,000,000 KS

Passengers and Crew

The personnel on board the ship. Actual occupancy can vary due to personnel shortages or other situations.

Standard Occupancy 1D
2,000 Nekovalkyrja
1,000 NH-33M (Miniature)
5,000 not including NH-33M (Miniature)

Vessel Dimensions

The Sharie is large but is significantly smaller than the Kyoto (1905m), Takumi (2700m), Chiharu (5000m), and Katsuko (7000m) classes. Its moderate size allows for it to be produced within the construction bays of an Iori-Class Star Fortress.

  • Length: 1235m (4,051.8 feet)
  • Width: 700m (2,296.6 feet)
  • Height: 475m (1,558.4 feet)
  • Decks: 118 (4 meters each)

Propulsion and Performance

This vessel complies with the Star Army of Yamatai Starship Speeds.

Cat Starship Type Class Multi-Stage Aether Drive Integrated CFS Array Hyperspace Drive
1 Standard Warships Sharie-Class Battleship .375c 18,750c (~2.14 ly/h) 394,470c (0.75 ly/m)

Sharie-Class Battleship

Damage Capacity and Combat Durability

This vessels damage capacity statistics are in compliance with Damage Rating (Version 3).

Damage Rating (Version 3) is Tier 14, Heavy Capital Ship.

Inside the Ship

The interior of the Sharie-Class Battleship has several notable compartments.

Decks Sections
1-12 Command Tower (C), Residential Pyramids (A+B), Launch Areas (D)
13-50 Main Body
51-118 Lower Tower (“The Fin”)

There are 6 total primary docking areas (3 port 3 starboard) but smaller ships might be able to cluster up. The FTL bubbles include the docking areas so the docked ships are able to travel with the battleship while attached.

Getting Around The Ship

The ship has Standard Passageways, Zero-Gravity Passageways and Standard Lifts that provide access to most of the ship. Some system bays and engineering areas are only accessible by the network of Maintenance Conduits that run through the entire ship.

Sharie Command Tower

The Sharie Command Tower spans multiple decks, with the Type 34 Standard Large Starship Bridge which serves as the command and control deck of the ship. The Command Tower also features the Command Suites for the Star Army Starship Captain and the Star Army First Officer.

The tower also includes several conference/briefing rooms, additional work station rooms for communications specialists, information technology specialists and other mission critical staff.

Sharie Reception Deck

Added in YE 44's update, the Sharie Reception Deck is designed for formal Star Army of Yamatai ceremonies such as Change of Command, rank promotion, and Discharge Ceremonies. It can also be used for hosting state dinners for foreign dignitaries and other important events. It is frequently featured in public tours and press events as that the deck does not include any sensitive systems.

Notable Features on the Reception Deck:

  • Volumetric Displays of the Sharie-Class Battleship.
  • Exhibits featuring important ships and personnel who have served in the class.
  • Convertible free space that can be used for reception meals, conferences, and ceremonies.
  • The space can be used as a shelter compartment during emergency situations.

Pyramid Peak Observation Decks

Also added in the YE 44 update, the peak of each residential pyramid was outfitted with a transparent zesuaium deck offering panoramic views of space around the vessel. It serves as a crew lounge and on some ships includes a Star Army Onsen.

Improved Science and Medical Facilities

Star Army Combined Sciences Laboratory were added as part of the late YE 44 update of the ship to allow for more specialized mission functions. A full Star Army Standard Hospital Center was also added to ensure better care of injured personnel during combat missions.

Accommodations and Amenities

Like on most Star Army of Yamatai ships, the accommodations are dependant on rank. Unoccupied space is generally utilized as space for additional cargo and equipment. During peacetime or shortages, ships are generally assigned fewer crew.

Crew Cabins Large crew cabins accommodate the majority of the ship's company.
Flag Suites A suite that is provided for visiting or assigned officers with rank Shôshô or above.
Officer's Cabins Accommodations for crew ranked Shoi Kohosei or higher.

Standard Amenities provided by the Star Army provide soldiers who are assigned to ships and facilities with food, personal items, some equipment and services similar to those found on worlds in the Yamatai Star Empire.

Standard Amenities
Star Army Onsen A traditional social bath house.
Standard Star Army Crew Shower The ship has both private shower rooms and communal ones.
Standard Star Army Crew Lounge A comfortable place for the crew to gather off-duty.
Standard Star Army Galley Star Army Cooks are always cooking up some grub here.
Standard Star Army Dining Hall The dining hall is a place for the crew to eat and socialize.
Standard Star Army Wardroom 1) A private dining room for officers.
Standard Star Army Laundry Room The laundry rooms are a great place to clean dirty linens.
Standard Star Army Post Office A shipping office for sending and receiving packages.
Star Army Ship's Store A basic Star Army on ship store. Often run by friendly Caretakers.

Some advanced amenities are provided on some ships, especially in the First Expeditionary Fleet where vetted food providers offer up some grub and refreshments for reasonable prices.

Some ships have some of these establishments:

On First Expeditionary Fleet and Fifth Expeditionary Fleet Capital Ships, Officer dining is provided by vetted and contracted chefs from Takeda House, the price of which is covered by the Motoyoshi Clan.


The Sharie-Class Battleship has always held the standard and most up-to-date Star Army Starship Systems. Design updates, refits and overhauls were made in YE 35, YE 37, and late YE 44.

Hull and Integrated Hull Systems

The Sharie-Class Battleship boasts a potent primary spaceframe which is made up of interlocking Zesuaium truss frames. Further reinforced trusses are applied surrounding bays, the main bridge, and around major weapon mounts.

Force field generators are arranged at major truss junctions to provide additional strength, and protect these junctions from anti-matter hits in the event the major space frame becomes exposed or compromised in a battle. Of course, the force field generators are small and can only absorb a limited amount of energy before becoming useless but this serves effort to provide strength to the space frame.

The secondary framework is nested within the primary space frame to provide additional support and provide support for ship systems. The secondary frame is composed primarily of small Yamataium trusses and rods lined with Yarvex meshing to provide shielding to interior structures.

Integrated Hull Systems

The integrated hull systems are as follows:

  • Integrated CFS Array, which provides propulsion in CDD, defense and stealth operation.
  • Nodal Liquid Conduit System, a system which uses the femtomechanical nature of Hemosynthetics. Assists with damage control and other functions. When the shuttle is landed, it can be hooked into the system of its host vessel or space station for greater efficiency for this system.
    • Advanced Damage Control - Ketsurui Fleet Yards brought in Hemosynthologist, Shinichiro Tomoko onto the design team to testbed a new capillary system for the interlocking Yamataium hull. Standardly Star Army of Yamatai ships have capillaries which deliver hemosynth to interlocking Yamataium plating which boosts the annealing properties of Yamataium . The system has a tweak where the femtomachinery components are programmed to respond to osmotic conditions. A breach or damage to the armor creates a concentration gradient, which the fetomachinery is triggered to increase replication and flow along the gradient towards the damaged areas. This was first deployed in the Ke-T10 "Fukuro" Multi-Role Shuttle.
    • The Matter Collection System - The MCS allows the ship to collect hydrogen molecules as it travels through space, which can be used to provide fuel or converted into higher elements for use in the Nodal Liquid Conduit System. The MCS units can be shielded in combat with cover plates.

Power Systems

The ship is powered by decentralized Aether generators spread throughout the ship, the highest number of which are located in and around the engineering compartments. Several specialized capacitor systems are utilized as a secondary power source during emergency situations.

Propulsion Systems

The Sharie-Class is equipped with an Multi-Stage Aether Drive for sublight applications 2), and it uses the Integrated CFS Array for Continuum Distortion Drive propulsion and has a top-of-the-line hyperspace drive made by Ketsurui Fleet Yards. It has Maneuvering Thrusters (ion thrusters) that are used primarily for attitude adjustment, docking, and station keeping.

Electronics Suite

The Sharie-Class Battleships are equipped with KAMI, which is housed in the Standard Computer Room. This standardly includes all Star Army Standard Communications Array, Sensors and other basic electronics systems.

Life Support and Emergency Systems

The Sharie-Class is equipped with the latest Life Support Systems, which included the update in YE 43 which included integration with the new Nodal Liquid Conduit System.

The ship is equipped with all Star Army Standard Starship Emergency Systems including Star Army Escape Pod, Type 35 "Seizonsha" and Star Army Escape Pod, Type 41 "Kodate".

Fabrication Areas

The Sharie-Class Battleship is equipped with Standard Star Army Fabrication Area for manufacturing, it is connected to the Universal Hemosynthetic Fabrication System Type 43 and the Nodal Liquid Conduit System.

Weapons Systems

The Sharie-Class Battleship is outfitted with the following weapons systems:

The ship also has an inventory of 200 Multi-Role Science Drone Type 43s.

Small Craft and Armor Inventory

The small craft inventory of the ship can be changed, but it usually includes:

QTY Class
20 Ke-T10 "Fukuro" Multi-Role Shuttle
Power Armors and Mecha
QTY Class
2,000 Ke-M2-4 Series "Mindy" Armor
1,000 Sylph M4 Light Mecha 3)
24 M19 Ryoko Mecha (Optional)
Fighters and Bomber
QTY Unit
5 Star Army Fighter Squadron

Some of the original DOGA art of the Sharie-Class Battleship:

OOC Notes

Authored and approved by Wes on August 2,20094).

  • Overhaul was reworked by Andrew on October 17,2022.
  • Overhaul was approved by Wes on 10/26/2022.5)

DOGA artwork by Wes. 3D Renders by Adam Kopala (paid commission by Wes).

Star Army Logistics
First UsedYE 29
Last ReviewYE 44
Products & Items Database
Product Categoriesstarships
Product NameSharie-Class Battleship
ManufacturerKetsurui Fleet Yards
Year ReleasedYE 30
Price (KS)550 ,000 ,000.00 KS
DR v3 maxTier 14

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