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Sharie-class Battleship

The Sharie-class is a large battleship used by the Star Army of Yamatai. It is built by Ketsurui Fleet Yards and replaced the Yuumi-class Battleship and Chiharu-class Flagship. It is named after Ketsurui Sharie.

About the Sharie

The Sharie Battleship represents the power of the Yamataian military and is a centerpiece of the Star Army's fleets. Designed for direct combat in fleet engagements, it is imposing in size and capabilities: heavily armored and heavily shielded, the Sharie carries a massive coaxial anti-fleet weapons array.

In additional to the main weapons array, the Sharie is armed with 28 super-heavy turrets, evenly distributed between its upper and lower sides. These turrets are the largest and most powerful ever installed on a Yamataian starship and are equivalent in firepower to the main cannons used on smaller starships like the Plumeria class. The Sharie's firepower coupled with it speed, heavy armor, and command capability make it ideal for facing groups of ships that outnumber it. The battleship is rounded out with generously distributed anti-fighter missile and beam turrets, torpedo launchers, and mobile weapon pods.

The Sharie is also versatile; in addition to its role as a battleship, it also serves a light carrier for starfighters and its starship docking ports allow it to serve as a supply and recreational hub for fleets. The ship's size allows it to have more crew amenities than most other starships; this, combined with its relative safety, make it a prized assignment among Star Army personnel.

Key Features

  • Main Weapon Array
  • 28 Heavy Turrets (14 above, 14 below)
  • Starship Docks
  • Large Landing Bay and Runway

Mission Specialization

  • Fleet Combat
  • Fleet Command
  • Strategic Firepower
  • Heavy Orbital Bombardment


The Sharie's basic design lineage comes from the enlarged shape of the Irim-class Gunship: it has a dual pronged nose and T-shaped main body (when viewed from the front). From above, the Sharie looks like a spear point with a notch cut from the tip. The large ship is equipped with gorgeously glowing teal engines in two clusters of three, placed on either side of a huge circular main engine. On the main body and engine rests a massive launch bay and attached runway. The ship's hull is two-toned, with some parts (especially the center) a dark gray while other parts are the standard blue-gray. As with all modern Star Army vessels, it is marked with a Star Army Hinomaru on its dorsal surface.

History and Background

It was YE 29. Seven years since their creation, the YE 22 Yuumi-class Battleships were already outdated and the four-year-old Chiharu-class Flagships found themselves being used for battleship work. It was clear that one or both of the aging classes needed replacement, but developing a new battleship would be a long and difficult task.

The First Expeditionary Fleet's branch of Ketsurui Fleet Yards began design work on the B3 Battleship Project in early YE 29, hoping to produce a next-generation battleship by YE 30. After Taisho Ketsurui Sharie was killed by the Mishhuvurthyar that year, Ketsurui Fleet Yards decided honor her with the ship's class name. In YE 30, construction began on the prototype, named YSS Concordia. Work continued on the class for another year, until in the second half of YE 31, the class was finally certified as ready for action to participate in the Second Mishhuvurthyar War, where it performed admirably with only a handful of the class lost in battle.

By YE 35, the Sharie had become widely used in the Star Army and became the backbone of major operations by Star Army fleets. Under the Star Army's five-year equipment review cycle, the class's usage authorization was extended as expected and it received an incremental redesign, resulting in a slightly altered appearance in models built after YE 35.

In YE 37, all Sharies - including the newly-commissioned YSS Takamagahara - were retrofitted with the Type 34 Standard Large Starship Bridge, as part of an experimental upgrade intended to bolster the battleship's already-formidable combat prowess.

In YE 40, the Sharie completed its 5-year class review with flying colors and the design was reauthorized until at least YE 45.


Sharie and Eikan

Statistics and Performance

General Information

Crew and Accommodations

  • Crew: About 2,000 Nekovalkyrja.
  • Maximum Capacity: About 5,000 persons.


The Sharie is large, but is significantly smaller than the Kyoto (1905m), Takumi (2700m), Chiharu (5000m), and Katsuko (7000m) classes. Its moderate size allows for it to be produced within the construction bays of an Iori-Class Star Fortress.

  • Length: 1235m (4,051.8 feet)
  • Width: 700m (2,296.6 feet)
  • Height: 475m (1,558.4 feet)
  • Decks: 118 (4 meters each)

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • Hull: 50
  • Shields: 50 (Threshold 5)


Category Starship Type Sublight Engines Distortion Field Hyperspace Drive
1 Standard Warships .375c (~112,422 kilometers per second) 18,750c (~2.14 ly/h) 394,470c (0.75 ly/m)
  • Range: Unlimited
  • Lifespan: The vessel is estimated to operate for at least 20 years of constant use.
  • Refit Cycle: Frequent minor modifications while in service through the PANTHEON automatic upgrade system. Despite its long development time, the ship is still subject to major alterations based on its experiences in the Second Mishhuvurthyar War.

Inside the Sharie-class Battleship

Sharie-Class Battleship

Deck Layout

Decks Sections Compartments
1-12 Command Tower, Residential Pyramids, Launch Areas
13-50 Main Body
51-118 Lower Tower (“The Fin”)

There are 6 total primary docking areas (3 port 3 starboard) but smaller ships might be able to cluster up. The FTL bubbles include the docking areas so the docked ships are able to travel with the battleship while attached.

Compartment Layouts

Conduits and Passageways

Control Centers

Living and Dining Areas

Science and Medical Areas

Storage and Maintenance Areas

Systems Rooms

Safety note: Artificial gravity is present on the landing pad surface outside of the main shuttlebay/fighter hangar. The gravity does not extend far past the edges of the landing surface but could pose a fall hazard at the edges. There are nets installed at the edges of the pad but these are primarily intended to catch vehicles. Use caution.

Systems Descriptions

The systems used in the Sharie are the standard Star Army technology.

Weapons Systems

Battleships and Flagships
Type Damage Tier Rate of Fire Maximum Range AOE
Rapid Pulse Tier 11 60 pulses/minute 149,000,000 kilometers Single Target
Heavy Pulse Tier 14 20 pulses/minute 149,000,000 kilometers Single Target
Beam Tier 15 5 beams/minute 149,000,000 kilometers Single Target
Spread Tier 12 2 spreads/minute 10,000,000 kilometers 30° Cone

Protip: By tilting the battleship's nose downward, all fourteen dorsal turrets can hit the same target at once.

Vehicle Complement

OOC Notes

Authored and approved by Wes on August 2, 20091).

DOGA artwork by Wes. 3D Renders by Adam Kopala (paid commission by Wes).

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