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Yamashuto-class Colony Ship

Designed to replace aging colony ships, the Yamashuto was created with more defense for a colony in mind but also to rapidly build one in less time than what is currently available. The ships Anti-Armor and Anti-Starship turrets have been modified to be able to be detached from the ship using heavy lifters and placed around a colony, serving the role of colony defense while the colony itself is being constructed. Its two fabrication bays can likewise be removed from the ship and set down near the colony, to assist in colony construction and the refining of mined materials from the planet itself.

It entered service in YE 33

About the Yamashuto

The Yamashuto is a long range, self-sufficient colony ship designed by Takeyu Nayacesen, and fielded by the Yamatai Star Empire.


Conceived by YSS Eucharis Chief Engineer, Takeyu Nayacesen. The Yamashuto was originally a ship that Takeyu had created as a digital proof of concept to determine whether a ship of its size could actually land on a planet. As he went through the process of figuring things out, he realized that he could actually potentially turn this concept into an actual ship to be used by his Empire. Thus, after working out the statics and deck work along with the external appearance, he brought it fourth to Ketsurui Fleet Yards for the assistance in figuring out the remainder of the ship.

Four external engines were added shortly after he brought the concept forward, although Takeyu had originally planned on adding the engines to both improve thrust but also to improve its ability to enter and leave a planet but also to help it land or takeoff. Only half of the ship uses standard Yamatai components while the remainders were designed by Takeyu himself to serve more specialized purposes, though with the idea in mind that they could be modified and used on other ships.


The Yamashuto is a fairly long sized ship, with several sections that protrude outward that house many of the ships various facilities. There are five sets of landing gear located throughout the underside of the ship, including eight 'load bearing' gears that are located directly in the center that extend outward while the ship is on the ground to help support its massive weight.

Four external engines can be seen. Engines are located in the rear of the ship, while turrets are recessed into the hull. There are two large center bays located forward center, and another located center but more rear, each hanger bay has recessed cranes located in their decks so that vehicles and containers can be offloaded while on the ground or even while in port. There is a ramp located at the very forward area of the ship that allows for vehicles and personnel to disembark during planetary operations.

Statistical Data


Class: Colony Ship Nomenclature: Ke-L8-1A Type: Long Range Colonyship Designers: Nayacesen Tekayu, Ketsurui Fleet Yards Manufacturer: Ketsurui Fleet Yards Fielded by: Yamatai, Ketsurui Fleet Yards Organizations using: Star Army of Yamatai, Department of Colonization Production: To be determined by individual fleets

Crew and Accommodations

Crew: 1,893 Passengers: 2319 In stasis Maximum Capacity: 4000 Emergency Capacity: Utilizing all available space onboard, the ship can hold nearly nine thousand people, but it would become very 'very' cramped, life support systems would become strained and it would require the ship and her crew to jettison all cargo.


Length: 2308 meters (7,572 feet) Width: 8001) meters (2,624 feet) Height: 402 meters (1,318 feet) Decks: 37 (4 meters each) 2)

Propulsion and Range


  • Sublight Engines: .3c (~89,937 kilometers per second) (~55,884 miles per second)
  • Atmospheric Engines: 900 kph
  • Hyperspace Drive: 394,470c (0.75 ly/m)
  • Note: The Yamashuto is intended for atmospheric flight, thanks to its four external engines and reinforced superstructure.

Durability and Maintenance

Service Lifespan: Nearly unlimited due to its onboard hydroponics bays. Has enough onboard storage to store nearly sixty years of food without the use of the hydroponics bays.

Lifespan: can operate for fifteen years of constant use.

Refit Cycle: Its modular enough to allow for easy refits over the course of many years.

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

Hull: 40 Shields: 40 (Threshold 4)

Inside the Yamashuto

Compartment Layout

Command and Control Areas

Colony Ship Main Bridge

The Colony ship's Main Bridge is three decks high and fairly wide. It's broken up into four segments, each one responsible for some part of the ship. It requires a crew of eight officers and thirty enlisted. The center area of the bridge is the primary command and control, this is where the captain, his XO, and the ships admiral (if there is one) reside and control and gives orders. Extra officers are onhand in the event of a disaster.

The Eastern side of the bridge is lower than the central part and houses the ships sensor control area, this is where sensor data from the colony ship's advanced sensor array is sent and also serves as the first area to notice any enemy ships in the area. It requires one officer and eight enlisted.

The forward, northern, section of the bridge, which at the same level as the center area, is responsible for helm control. This station is also responsible for operating the ships four external engines and thus gets a lot of attention during planetary landing operations, during normal times it is typically crewed by one officer and four enlisted. However, during landing operations, it is crewed by an additional four enlisted.

The west section of the bridge, lower than the center, is responsible for the ships weapons systems. It is crewed by one officer and six enlisted. During combat operations, the war section is instead crewed by eight enlisted.

The Main Bridge can be supplemented by extra, much smaller, bridges to help carry its load. On the Yamashuto Colony Ship, for example, there are extra communications, weapons, and helms control bridges. All of these supplemental bridges get their orders from the main bridge, but in the event the main bridge is destroyed, they can act independently without issue.

Communications Bridge

The Communications Bridge is designed to augments the ships main bridge, full of consoles and volumetric display windows and monitors all incoming and outgoing communications. This bridge helps filter communications from escort ships and ships not attached to the fleet or armada.

In the event the main bridge is destroyed, this bridge can alt independently on its own. It is manned by one officer and ten enlisted and has four additional enlisted as backup. The bridge is set up so that the officer is in the center and is ringed by his support staff.

Flight Bridge

Because the Yamashuto is a colonyship, it naturally has a lot of traffic that it must coordinate during colonization efforts. The flight bridge handles this job, allowing the ships main bridge to coordinate other efforts.

The room is rectangular, with twenty two different crew stations and is mained by a single officer along with a support officer. Thirty enlisted crew are required to main the flight bridge, with a backup of ten crew in the event of an emergency.

Comprised of two layers, the top layer has windows to allow the crew to see out and also a station for the bridge officer and his assistant to main. Below this layer, is the main layer that has all of the flight control terminals in it.

Colonization Bridge

Located directly on the bottom of a colony ship, the CB is used by ship personnel to look at telemetry and data about the assigned planet they are intending to colonize. The center area of the bridge holds the holographic tank, parts of the floor are transparent to give crews and other staff a birds eye view of the planet or its terrain. There are also four additional, smaller holographic tanks in the center, used for displaying representations of moons or even ships or other stuff in the area.

Toward the rear of the bridge is the main command center for the room, with eight terminals, just underneath these terminals are a myriad of quantum computers to help store and analyze data.

Located within the bridge are two circular raised platforms that have work stations for crew to man.

There are three entry ways located on the ground floor and two walkways located one deck above the floor, with entrances on either side. There's also an elevator that runs down into the room from elsewhere in the ship.

This room has anti-gravity pads built into the floor, allowing for zero-g even when on a planet though this can be disabled at will. During the disabling process, all crew should be grounded to prevent injury or even death.

When not over a planet, this CB is left bare and is off-limited, but as the ship gets closer to its destination the CB will slowly become more active.

Weapons Bridge

The Weapons Bridge, comprised of two layers and mained by one officer and one assistant and twenty one enlisted crew men - controls the ships main batteries and turrets. The first layer is only a few feet above the second, and is where the officer and his assistant reside and help coordinate efforts. Ten additional enlisted crew are assigned just in case of emergencies.

There are seven weapon control terminals, each manned by three crewmen. One is responsible for targetting, one for power operation and the last for turret control and firing. This is all augmented by the ships onboard artificial intelligence, but the human element is there in the case the AI becomes disabled or is overwealmed.

Because this is one of the more important areas of the ship, the weapons bridge is located deep in the ship and possess only two entrance ways. Each entranec has a blast door that can slide down in the event of an emergency and is also one of the areas of a ship that has an armory in it.

Living Areas

Systems Rooms

Medical Areas

Science Areas

Storage and Maintenance Areas

Hanger Bays

Located two forward the front center and one toward the rear center. The hanger bays house the ships heavy lift transports and passengers shuttles and are often times sealed during spacial flight and normally only opened when in port or in orbit of a colonizable planet, or on the ground.

Bay Dimensions

  • Length: 250 meters
  • Height: 240 meters
  • Width: 800 meters

Space per bay for ships

Power Armor Bay

Located adjacent to each of the three hanger bays are the ships power armor bays, this allows for power armor to be rapidly deployed in the event of attack by pirates or NMX.

Fighter Launch Bays

Although it’s a colony ship, and technically, a civilian vessel. The ship does possess a single fighter bay located on the rear that allows for two squadrons of fighters to launch rapidly into combat. These bays also serve as recovery areas for said fighters as well.

Ship Systems

Ke-B4-P3300 Hyper Spacefold Engine

Because of its mission, the Yamashuto possess two Ketsurui Fleet Yards Hyperspace Fold Engines. The first is used for the ship itself, while the second works in conjunction with the Ke-B4-P3301 Fold Booster.

Ke-B4-P3301 - Hyperspace Fold Field Booster

Located on the ships four external engines are four fold emitters to produce the fold bubble. This bubble is large enough to bring along the Yamashuto's compliment of escort ships, if it has any, to planets that it is going to colonize. This booster is a great help, since if the ship is assigned to colonize a planet that was taken over by an enemy force, it can bring along its escort fleet to help combat any enemy ships that may be in the area.

Ke-B4-S3300 Combined Field System

The Yamashuto uses a Combined Field System for its shields to defend the colony ship from attack. It's configured purely for defense.

External Engines

Located on the port and starboard side the Yamashuto are four engines, each built on a gimbal system that allows the engines to rotate three hundred and sixty degrees, however at current the gimbal is restricted to only one hundred and eighty - since there is no reason for the engines to be pointed directly 'up' relative to the ships main bridge, though this ‘can’ be overridden.

These engines serve three main purposes:

* Helps give the ship more thrust. * Ensures the ship doesn't break apart when landing on a planet, the engines pivot 'down' and slow the ships downward decent. At the same time, it also gives the extra launching power when leaving a planet’s atmosphere. * When spun around one eight, with the engines facing the 'front' of the ship, it serves to slow the ship down, reducing its inertia and helping it come to a complete ship.

However, there is something else these engines can do, because each gimbal is independent of another, it's actually allows for the ship to perform evasive maneuvers that might not be possible for other ships of its size and length, by allowing it to spin around and change its angle of flight at a moment’s notice. This 'can' put undue stress on the hull, but the myriad of reinforcements which help to keep the ship together in atmospheric flight also serve to help keep the ship together during these occasions.

In short, these engines help augment the primary engines.

Weapons Systems

Emergency Systems

Blast Shutters

The ship is equipped with blast shutters that protect the crew from boarding action; these shutters are located on every deck.

Damage Control Stations

Several damage control stations are located on every deck, and include areas such as:

  • Main Engineering
  • All three hanger bays
  • Main, Center, and Fore Cargoholds
  • Just outside the Power Armor Bay
  • Fighter Launch Bays
Escape Pods

The ship has three hundred and sixty Star Army Escape Pod, Type 30, they are located throughout the ship’s hull. The pods are there in case the crews are forced to evacuate. For stats and contents, see their article.

Computer Systems

The Yamashuto utilizes the MEGAMI Pantheon system.

Super Structure

The majority of the ships main framework is composed of Zesuaium, which runs throughout the ships internal and external framework. Many of the areas of the ship that don't have compartments or rooms, are often taken up by Zesuaium cross-bracing that helps reinforce the ship while it is in a planet atmosphere. Critical areas of the ship, including the undercarriage, are reinforced using long bars of Yamataium created bracing. This only reinforces the ship’s hull even further.

Vehicle Complement

This is the Yamashuto's compliment of vehicles.

It's onboard compliment of fighters are used exclusively for ship defense and recon, since the ship is not intended for frontline action and is not a warship

OOC Notes

Approved August 16, 20114)

Not including external engines
the ship has less decks than a typical ship of its size because most of the space is taken up by some of the ships onboard components, such as the fabrication module, cargo holds, and superstructure reinforcements that allows it to operate in an atmosphere.
The Yamashuto's has two squadrons, each squad has six fighters. The recon craft can either be assigned a fighter escort or fly alone

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