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YSS Aeon II Modifications

Modifications and Changes

This page identifies any modifications to the YSS Aeon II. These are things that the Captain has approved to be have changed.

Ke-S3-F4200 Hanger Deck Package

The Ke-S3-F4200 Hangar Deck Package provides the Aeon II with a facility to launch and deploy space craft. It uses a smaller version of the Ke-A1-R4200 Vehicle Subspace Deployment System developed for the Heitan-Class (1B) Carrier.

Medical Center and Laboratory

The Aeon II features modified Sakura Medical Laboratories. They are retrofitted with the Type 30 Mental Transfer and Backup Unit, and the three medical beds were replaced with components from the Autonomous Medical Treatment Center. The Aeon II has also been equipped with Type 32 Remote Backup Unit.

Aeon II - Modified Medbay

Each of the Aeon II Medbays features the following:

Medical trained personnel can still work in the Medbay, but are primarily required for Away Teams.

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