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Taisho's Office

A place designed with privacy, security and comfort in mind. The office complex is divided into four main rooms: BSIA Checkpoint/Lobby, Flag Aide's Office, and the Taisho's Office and the Service Room and was designed specifically for the Ascendancy-class Flagship.

All entrances and exits can be secured using Forcefield-Nested Isolation Doors.

BSIA Checkpoint/Lobby

The lobby is a huge open space, fitting the Jiyuuian design philosophy, nearly two standard decks in height with a cascading waterfall sculpture resembling an ancient aqueduct that empties into a huge pool surrounded by rare native Taiie plants. Translucent gray paneling at the ceiling's apex are lit from behind simulating the feel of a planetary structure. The general shape of the lobby is that of a scallop, the water feature at the focal center with its surrounding gardens. The longest most concave side features two lift access ways on either side of a central corridor leading to other offices. Two rock gardens with pure white sand from the beaches on Jiyuu System dominate the side walls, statues of legendary soldiers of the fleet provide points of interest.

On the shortest wall is a set of translucent polished black doors with the fleet's logo at the center leading into the Flag Aide's office. In front of the doors is a long desk with security scanners blocking passage on either side. The desk is generally manned by three Blackcoats.

Flag Aide's Office

The doors from the lobby open up into room with a curved layout with doors leading into the service room at each end. Two doors lead into the Taisho's office from the center. On the left side is a “L” shaped desk with its shortest length joining the wall just before the door jam. The Flag Aide's desk has a single chair with SPINE interface. To the right of the door is a large screen with a real-time map of the southeastern quadrant of the galaxy and the position of all Fifth Expeditionary Fleet ships on it. The room has light gray walls with a dark purple stripe horizontally following the curve of the room, the carpet is a soft plush violet.

Taisho's Office

The office is a half-circle, following the central curve of the Flag Aide's office, with the Service Room built totally around it. Doors on either side of the office remain locked from the inside to the service room, forcing those tending to the Taisho's needs to use the entrance via the Flag Aide's Office. Dominating the room is a huge glass top “V” shaped desk with its pointed end facing the doors. Behind the desk is a high backed padded black leather chair fitted with a SPINE for the Taisho. Three chairs sit one at the point, and one along each side on the other side of the desk. Along the straight back wall directly behind the desk is the flag of the Motoyoshi Bafuku hung tapestry style as a backdrop. The flags of Yamatai and the fleet on poles stand on either side of the tapestry creating a professional looking backdrop for official communications. Two massive view ports frame the backdrop, they are not real, rather volumetric images set as if to look out along the port side, the left window has a small bar in front of it, and the other window a similar cabinet for other storage. On both sides of the entry doors are soft comfortable black sofas.

The lighting in the room is rather dim; fitting Katsuko's desire for a darker room. Three pendant lights with frosted purple gem ends hang over the desk, other lighting is recessed into the ceiling and the walls.

Service Room

A small room designed for those who tend to the needs of the Taisho. The room is “U” shaped, built around the Taisho's office with two entrances from the Flag Aide's Office at the front and two unaccessible doors into the Taisho's office. Mostly used for storage but includes a small kitchenette for preparation of simple meals when the Taisho is too busy to attend the Ward Room, or for preparation of snacks, beverages and other things that may be required.

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