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GSS Shikuka

The GSS Shikuka was an aging Yui 4-class recon destroyer which was lost in the Battle of Tsuyosa in YE 29.


The Shikuka, built in YE 25, came out of the shipyards right in time to contribute at the end of the Fourth Elysian War. The ship served for exploration and patrols in the 2nd Standard Fleet until YE 26, where most of its crew died in one of the first encounters against the Mishhuvurthyar.

The ship was eventually retrieved, but the ensuing destruction of the Second Fleet in the Battle of Nepleslia and the ensuing fleet reorganization forced it out of active duty and it was sent to the Fleet Depot at Nataria (Zero Fleet). The ship remained there until YE 29, where it was taken out of mothballs to be reassigned to help rebuild a crippled Fifth Expeditionary Fleet.

The Shikuka found itself assigned to the Kinkou Carrier Group, charged with garrisoning the Himitsu Star Fortress next to the Katsuko Nebula. Before the old 'GSS' reference could be updated to 'YSS', the Kinkou Carrier Group suddenly evacuated their position along with Himitsu no Iori when an overwhelming number of Mishhuvurthyar warships came to attack as part of the Taiie Mishhuvurthyar offensive. After seeing the Star Fortress safely to Valaad (An Rhy), the Kinkou Carrier Group made its way to the Tsuyosa star system to escort a group of crippled refugee vessels from Taiie. A Mishhuvurthyar skirmish battlegroup eventually folded in system, hunting the refugee vessels.

The Kinkou Carrier Group moved to engage and the Shikuka was damaged beyond repairs in a battle against the Mishhuvurthyar's new scoutships. The vessel was set adrift with only three survivors until the YSS Miharu came around to salvage its complement of unused torpedoes, rescuing two of the survivors in the process.

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