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YSS Hokorimasu Personnel

This page lists crew members and available positions of the YSS Hokorimasu. It also has assignments for crew cabins. The YSS Hokorimasu also has an extensive cast of NPCs and PCs, refer to the Character & Unit Index for mini bios on the rest.

Crew Roster


Enlisted Personnel

Kumiko Endoh Shii Youko Aikawa Kiyoshi Kurusu Ruri Honda Makoto

Akitaoku Yua

The YSS Hokorimasu crew cabin decks are separated by blocks, and each room-mate is usually paired with the same sex. Eight alphabetical (E-L) sections are dedicated to the enlisted crew cabins. Usually grouped by occupation if able. The administration's blocks are higher up (A-D) with standard officers cabins. Each block covers multiple decks, room numbers go from 001-250


Characters whose players go inactive may be transferred to the YSS Phoenix's Undertaking.

Joining the Crew

  • Experience is not required. New recruits and trainees are welcome, so long as they put good effort into their profession.
  • This starship prefers NH-29 and Yamataians for its crew. But will consider other races based upon character histories.
  • Applying characters should be well-mannered and loyal to Yamatai (The captain will remove disrespectful characters from her crew).
  • Before being officially assigned to the Hokorimasu, new crew members may have to pass an in-character interview with the captain.

Available Positions

The YSS Hokorimasu is currently considering applications from the following occupations:


Unavailable Positions

There are no slots for the following occupations:

  • Nothing here yet.

Any orders request for characters of the above occupations will be rejected.

Former Crew Members

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