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ISC Lindorm

The ISC Lindorm is a civilian Courier 2A medium-sized cargo ship designed by Origin Industries. It is owned by the Geshrin, Honey Glas and is currently contracted by Oshima National Industries (ONI) to run shipments between Hades Star System and the Valmet Self Governing Colonial Region of the Colonial Pact (VSGCR) in Helka-Alpha Star System every 4 months. The Lindorm has a VSCGR working visa sponsored by ONI that permits them to transport their shipments between Hades and Helka Trinary System and temporarily reside while between shipments but does not allow them to establish residency or work in any other capacity within VSGCR controlled territories.

Classified Information

Any information about the actual mission, identities and ranks of the crew should be treated as purely OOC information that only the Star Army Intelligence personnel in charge of the mission would be aware of.

The ISC Lindorm is the Star Army Intelligence mission, “Radiant Serpent” led by Shosa Kitsune Hachimitsu to investigate the emergent threat of Oshima National Industries in the Hades Star System and the Valmet Colonial Pact in Helka Trinary Star System. The crew are all Star Army of Yamatai Operatives assigned to ship under false identities and modified appearances to go into deep cover to gather any and all information that they can on ONI and the VSGCR.

Lindorm Operatives send reports on their respective assignment area once every 2 weeks while the Captain sends mission status reports weekly utilizing a pre-established rotating cipher and the highest levels of message encryption. They are expected to establish contacts and side jobs on Leningrad (Helka-Alpha II) to gather the information they need.

Mission Objectives

  • Establish attitude of faction towards Yamatai Star Empire
  • Establish technological capabilities
  • Establish military operational tactics, standards, practices and capabilities
  • Identify resources
  • Identify factional ties
  • Identify dissent within faction that could be used in favor of Yamatai Star Empire
  • Identify VIP and persons of interest
  • Identify centers of gravity- areas of importance and vulnerability that could be key targets for destruction in a conflict
  • Identify infrastructure
  • Establish military pattern of life
  • Identify strength of forces

Lindorm in Roleplay

The ISC Lindorm's Game Master is Kim. Further information about the plot can be found here: ISC LINDORM PLOT.

OOC Notes

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Updated Courier 2 artwork by Arieg

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