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SOFT 501

SOFT 501 was a Special Operations Fire Team based on the YSS Kaiyō II. Acting as the ship's clandestine power armor combat team, it was trained to independently achieve tactical success on the battlefield and facilitate the completion of mission objectives for any non-infantry specialists assigned to assist.

When included as part of a wider selection of personnel forming an away team, SOFT 501 is subordinate to that away team's leader. They were nonetheless expected to utilize their expertise and act semi-autonomously should a combat situation arise.


SOFT 501 was created in late YE 39 from some of the Kaiyō's standing uchuugun complement. They trained aboard the ship with a SAINT specialist and completed a sole mission. The mission in question was a L'Kor station infiltration during the Kuvexian War which occurred simultaneously alongside a diversionary strike by the main Kaiyo crew.

Quote from Teien Eden during Mission Nine: Mamemameshi
'“We're about to take on a station of great importance to the L'Kor, our enemies and pawns of the Kuvexians who we are at war with. This is the time to have confidence in one another and ourselves. Even if we cannot see each other, we shall know our separate missions will be equal in success, which there will be an abundance of. This is the time we have all been working towards and will be what we have hoped for, too.”'

The mission was going successfully until a L'Kor suicide bomber detonated in the station’s core after many of their comrades had fallen at the hands of SOFT 501. The bomb caused the core to trigger a chain reaction which destroyed the station.

Quote from Teien Eden during [SOFT]Mission Nine: Fuwa Fuwa
'“Get out of the station! Tell everyone to evacuate!” Meissa shouted. “They’re gonna try to take us with them using the station!”'

In the chaos, several members of the team were either killed or seriously injured. SOFT 501 was disbanded afterwards due to the massive loss of life, a new experience for the ship’s crew.

Operations Team

The operations team works in the field to complete the objective.

Role Rank Name Notes
Team Leader Ittô Juni Iemochi Seinosuke (Injured- minor burns)
Combat Engineer Jôtô Hei Meissa Nashira Demolitions
Heavy Weapons Nitô Hei Arinori Sora Tank
Stealther Sniper Nitô Hei Hanna Madsen KIA
Medic Jôtô Hei Ume Hatoyama Rookie

Support Team

The support team organizes missions and provides support for the operations team.

Role Rank Name Notes
Team Commander Shosa Teien Eden Leading from the Front
Supply Specialist Ittô Hei Anastasia Barlow MIA/KIA (later found)


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