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SOFT 501

SOFT 501 was a Special Operations Fire Team based on the YSS Kaiyō II. Acting as the ship's primary power armor combat team, it was trained to independently achieve tactical success on the battlefield and facilitate the completion of mission objectives for any non-infantry specialists assigned to assist.

When included as part of a wider selection of personnel forming an away team, SOFT 501 is subordinate to that away team's leader. They were nonetheless expected to utilize their expertise and act semi-autonomously should a combat situation arise.

It was created in late YE 39 from the Kaiyō's standing uchuugun complement and was disbanded after their first mission.

Operations Team

The operations team works in the field to complete the objective.

Role Rank Name Notes
Team Leader Ittô Juni Iemochi Seinosuke
Combat Engineer Jôtô Hei Meissa Nashira Demolitions Expert
Heavy Weapons Nitô Hei Arinori Sora Tank
Stealther Nitô Hei Hanna Madsen Acts as a Sniper and Melee Specialist
Medic Jôtô Hei Ume Hatoyama

Support Team

The support team organizes missions and provides support for the operations team. Because SOFT 501 is still forming and remains under-strength, members of the support team often accompany the operations team during sorties.

Role Rank Name Notes
Commander Shosa Teien Eden
Supply Ittô Hei Anastasia Barlow
Infomation Warfare N/A N/A

Attached Specialists

These individuals don't fall into the standard SOFT structure but often work closely with SOFT 501 in its capacity as the Kaiyō's armor team.

Role Rank Name Notes


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