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ISC Lindorm Personnel

This page lists the crew members of the ISC Lindorm and available positions. It also shows crew cabin assignments.

Crew Roster


Honey Glas

Rank Name Cover Identity Cover Position Player Orders Notes
Shosa Kitsune Hachimitsu Honey Glas Captain Kim (GM) N/A HST - SP/JP
Shoi Mizuno Yoroko Security Ira Orders CST - SP/JP

Enlisted Personnel

Crew Quarters Assignments

Captain's Suite

Lounge Cabins

A total of eight.

  1. P1
  2. P2
  3. P3
  4. P4
  5. S1
  6. S2
  7. S3
  8. S4

Available Positions

The ISC Lindorm is currently looking for more players.

  • “Cook”
  • “Security”
  • “Science”

This starship prefers Star Army Intelligence Operatives. Non-SAINT personnel will be tested and evaluated for suitability before being sent through the SAINT Training Activity and Indoctrination process to be read into the Radiant Serpent mission. Each operative will be assigned a mission area to report on and will need to gather information from their own contacts and their fellow crew to compile the information. All crew will be skilled in all aspects of making sure the ISC Lindorm stays functional and will be able to utilize all specialized equipment on board.

This is a clandestine forward deployed intelligence gathering mission that requires players to think outside the box to gather information from human and other sources about another faction. All cover stories will include a plausible reason as to why the crew member is on the Lindorm moving cargo. Assignment to the cover positions will be reflected in their cover story. Every operative will have a human appearance and the ability to produce human blood samples.

OOC Notes

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