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YSS Soyokaze Personnel

This page lists crew members and available positions of the YSS Soyokaze. It also has assignments for crew cabins.

Crew Roster

Note: Characters whose players go inactive may be transferred to Fort Minori Reserve Center.

Officers and Warrant Officers


Rank Name Position Color Player Orders Notes

Enlisted Personnel


Rank Name Position Color NPC Orders Notes
Chui Henry Blake Star Army Medical NPC Chief
Shoi Kohosei Tenno Hotaru Star Army Clerk NPC IC personification of plot admin function
Santô Juni Nitô Juni Jayne AI NPC Ship's main AI
(no patch) Santô Hei Mitani Kana Star Army Science Officer NPC Chieko's Lakey
(no patch) Santô Hei Strand, Isrun Star Army Science Officer NPC Chieko's Lakey

Civilian Personnel

Rank Name Position Color Player Orders Notes
N/A Joitto Elina SAINT asset N/A Samanthia
N/A Sally Ee'ith Civilian N/A Littlewasp
N/A Yui Ee'ith Civilian N/A Littlewasp

Cabin Assignments

If your character isn't on the room list, feel free to grab an unoccupied room. If there were no open rooms, you will have to talk with the GM to add another one. THE SHIP HAS PLENTY. Ask in the OOC thread.

Crew Cabins

Standard Star Army Crew Cabin (Enlisted) x 90

  • Note: Official occupancy max is 2.
Room Occupants Notes
Cabin 1 Meiko Lee
Cabin 2 Koizumi Chieko
Cabin 3 Mitani Kana; Strand, Isrun
Cabin 4 Sally & Yui Ee'ith
Cabin 5 Freyja Horikoshi
Cabin 6 “Hot-cha”, “Kōmon”
Cabin 7 Shanota Omoorai, “Downer”
Cabin 8 Hitoshi Takao
Cabin 27 Riko Bors

Officer Cabins

Standard Star Army Officers' Cabin x 19 + Standard Captain's Suite

  • Note: Official occupancy max is 1.
Room Occupants Notes
Captain's Suite Kuroiairisu Saeko
Cabin 1 Ise Nenene
Cabin 2 Tenno Hotaru
Cabin 3 Henry Blake
Cabin 4 Misato Suzume
Cabin 11 Ishikawa Chiasa
Cabin 13 Eyverska Aldis
Cabin 15 Eyverska Herdis

Joining the Crew

  • Experience is not required. New recruits and trainees are welcome, so long as they put good effort into their profession.
  • Applying characters should be well-mannered and patriotic and loyal to Yamatai (The captain will remove disrespectful characters from his crew).
  • Before being officially assigned to the Soyokaze, new crew members may have to pass an in-character interview with the captain.
  • Note that characters are not assigned randomly to the Soyokaze. It is a sought-after assignment that must be requested by the character.

Available Positions

Former Crew Members

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