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Takumi Command Deck

The Takumi-Class Expeditionary Command Cruiser boasts one of the largest, most efficient command designs in the fleet probably only to be surpassed by the almighty Chiharu. It’s located on the dorsal surface of the vessel. Zesuaium beams and trusses form the twenty-meter high dome encased in transparent Zesuaium, Yamataium shutters are hidden in the thick beam sections for use during combat situations to decrease the expense of repairing Zesuaium. The transparent Zesuaium-t, allows for a spectacular view, some ships even have designs sculpted on the dome to add a sense of luxury and boast Yamataian design.

On earlier ships (YSS Yugumo) the bottom floor is polished marble mined on Taiie, its graceful smoky swirls and polished shine give a clean polished look. In ships produced following the destruction of Taiie the marble is replaced with other traditional floor materials. The central floor is a circular pad raised ten inches, with the Star Army of Yamatai logo decaled on the surface. This raised central pad has raised polished handrails with three openings, one forward, and two positioned left and right of aft. The captain’s chair with SPINE interface and consul sits centrally with three hundred and sixty-degree swivel capability. Captain’s chairs are black leather, cushioned, with high lumbered backs and armrests.

Forward of the central pad, is three banks of stations arranged in a closed triangle with the point towards the central area. Each station is equipped with SPINE interface and is arranged so that communications is on the side furthest from the command chair so that the communications operators face the commander. The side stations house tactical and mission operations stations.

Starship Operations/Engineering area is two long consuls with a table situated in the center directly behind the captain, housing the controls for the CFS, and other vital ship systems. An easy to manipulate volumetric projection of the ship is presently situated above the table, allowing for more visual analysis of damage, or other operations based situations on the ship.

Two capital ship pilot stations sit side by side to the left of the commander, with the Nav-Con Table just beyond them. On the opposite side, the main scientific and sensor stations are arranged similarly.

Two lifts encased in clear tubes, run far aft right and left to the rest of the ship and up to the second level of the dome. The second level of the dome is open in the center and forms a ring a little more than halfway up the dome where other control stations and mission-specific consuls are located.

The aft area of the dome has a single enclosed area housing a ready room and a small briefing room for the senior officers and one of two access points to the Auxiliary Computer, the other being on the auxiliary control deck deeper in the vessel.

Takumi Command Deck Navigation Table (NAV-CON)

Designed specifically for use on the Takumi-Class Expeditionary Command Cruiser the Command Deck Navigation Table, named NAV-CON, is the starship's primary navigation station.

Location & Description

Located to the left of the Takumi Command Platform and the starship pilots the NAV-CON is positioned with optimal view of main screen.

The table is approximately six feet in length, and three and a half feet wide with a flat transparent top equipped with several hundred micro-ports for volumetric projection. The sides and ends of the tables had control consoles, designed to be used in concert with operators not capable of other more direct interaction with the computer.

The volumetric interaction system allows the operator to view three dimensional maps of local, and distant regions of space retrieved from the PANTHEON as well as the ship's Warship Integrated Electronics System (WIES) and in concert with local area updates from the ship's Stellar Cartography department located in the Laboratory Complex II. This interaction system allows for high quality navigation solutions to be approved by the CO, and then forwarded to the starship's pilots.


The NAV-CON is generally manned by two Starship Operators.

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