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“The Truth Shall Set You Free”

YC-28 was an Ayame-class Cruiser built by Ketsurui Fleet Yards in early YE 24 for service in the Star Army of Yamatai. After serving for a few years, it was decommissioned and in YE 27 transferred to Nataria Fleet Depot at Nataria System to be recycled. After sitting in space for two years, the old ship was again pressed into service, this time for Star Army Intelligence. The war with the Mishhuvurthyar left many SAINT units struggling to fill holes with whatever ships they could find. YC-28 was rushed through an upgrade program, stuffed with supplies, and then turned over to an anonymous crew to serve the Empire. It carries no name.

YC-28 was one of the longest-serving ships; it predates even the YSS Celia; its age, battle damage, former neglect, and hasty upgrades have left it prone to some technical issues.

YC-28 In Roleplay

Cruiser YC-28 was the setting for a SAINT plot ship. Roleplay began sometime prior to Oct 05, 2007 and ended Tue Oct 13, 2009.

Available History

After being reassigned to active duty, the YC-28 took part in a 'Search and Rescue' and 'Search and Destroy' mission on Kennewes in YE 29.

After Kennewes deployment, the YC-28 took part in the retrieval of the crew of the YSS Plumeria after the Plumeria was struck down by a SMX warship.

After safely returning the Plumeria's crew to port, the YC-28 proceeded to the Yugumo cluster and took part in a fact finding mission, which was interrupted by the Hanabusa rebellion which resulted in the YC-28 taking part in combat against the YSS Yanagi and the Shikotama ISFB. The YC-28 successfully retrieved the YSS Yanagi from the Hanabusa, and returned it to the 5th Expeditionary Fleet.

After the 5th XF Hanabusa incident was resolved, the YC-28 proceeded to the Vicky system, where the ship and crew were assigned a mission which involved the infiltration of Nepleslian space disguised as the SMX. During the incursion, a c1 was successfully captured and delivered to SARA authorities.

After the completion of the mission into Nepleslian space, the YC-28 has been ordered to Pieces station, where Helen Klein is to meet with Taisho Yui.

During the YC-28's stop at Pisces Station, Helen was able to meet with Taisho Yui. During the meeting, Helen's performance and the performance of the YC-28 was reviewed, and resulted in Helen being able to defend her position and maintain her command. After the performance review, the YC-28 was ordered to deploy a number of sensor drones, then proceed with its next mission, the infiltration of the Opportunist's Social Club.

In YE 36, the ship was put into orbital storage over Jiyuu III as part of the Jiyuu Fleet Depot.

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