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YSS Akuro II

The YSS Akuro II, NF-X5-02, was a Chiharu-class Flagship in the Star Army of Yamatai's Fifth Expeditionary Fleet. It was the flagship of the fleet from YE 29 to YE 30 and home of the 17th Kasairyuu Power Armor Wing RP plot.


After the destruction of the YSS Akuro in the “Ichiro Incident” in YE 29, the YSS Akuro's crew was relocated to the YSS Akuro II.

The Akuro II was then sent, along with a small advanced battle group to the Murf system to try and drive the SMX forces that have claimed a hold there. This would be the Battle of Murf.

Though the battle was fairly even, the battle group took heavy casualties when reinforcements for the entrenched SMX forces arrived. Having been reduced to just five out of twenty ships, the Yamataian forces were forced to flee while the heavily damaged Namiko drew the remainders of the attacking SMX forces away from the New Anisa as it fled the doomed battlefield.

The Akuro II was destroyed in battle in YE 30 and replaced by the YSS Akuro III.

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