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YSS Chrysanthemum

The Chrysanthemum (NG-X1-363) is a Plumeria-class (2E) Medium Gunship in the Star Army of Yamatai's First Expeditionary Fleet. She is commanded by Taii Miyabe Kiyoyo.


The YSS Chrysanthemum (NG-X1-363) was built as one of the first Sakura-Class Gunships in YE 28 alongside her sister ships, the YSS Sakura (NG-X1-360) and YSS Nadeshiko (NG-X1-365).

In YE 30, the Chrysanthemum was taken apart and rebuilt into a Plumeria-Class Light Gunship.

In YE 42, underwent a refit converting her to the Plumeria-class (2E) Medium Gunship class.

OOC Notes

This ship and its article were created by Wes.

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