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YSS Illustrious

YSS Illustrious, (nicknamed “Lusty”), NB-X1-10, is a Sharie-class Battleship built at Ketsurui Star Fortress by Ketsurui Fleet Yards in YE 31 for the Star Army of Yamatai's First Fleet. Her motto is “Nothing Is Unreachable.” She is commanded by Shôshô Rufus Sydney.


The YSS Illustrious was an SP/JP forum based plot under development by Wes to replace the stalled YSS Senbu plot as the site's main “carrier” type plot. It focused primarily on life aboard a battleship during the Second Mishhuvurthyar War and the missions of the ship's fighter squadrons.

Fighter Squadrons

  1. Onyx Squadron (PCs)
  2. Ruby Squadron
  3. Topaz Squadron (interceptors)
  4. Sapphire (heavy weapons)
  5. Emerald Squadron (defense)


  • August 30th, YE 31: Construction begins on YSS Illustrious and fourteen sister ships at Ketsurui Star Fortress, in orbit of Himiko System. These are the second block of Sharie-class Battleships.
  • September 19th, YE 31: Construction is completed and, with little fanfare the Illustrious is named and assigned to the First Expeditionary Fleet. A skeleton crew is temporarily assigned to operate the ship.
  • October 8, YE 31: Illustrious gets initial supplies and prepares for battle.
  • October 9, YE 31: The third block of 15 Sharie-class Battleships is completed. They join the First Expeditionary Fleet's Operations Division 2, forming a small task force consisting of 20 Sharie-class Battleships and 32 Eikan-class Heavy Cruisers. The 52 ships prepared to penetrate the NMX blockade of the KMS North Gate. The initial mission was to deliver the 15 newer battleships to the fleets near Yamatai.


Former Crew Members



Modifications and Interiors

Starcrosser's Cafe is restaurant located at the base of the starboard residential pyramid on Deck 12. It is known for its seafood and Southern-style dishes.

Year CommissionedYE 31

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