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YSS Mazu

YSS Mazu is a Takumi-class Expeditionary Command Cruiser in the First Expeditionary Fleet. It is a veteran of multiple historic battles and has even been destroyed, salvaged, and rebuilt.


The YSS Mazu is named after deceased Fifth Expeditionary Fleet officer Taisa Todd Mazu, who was captain of the YSS Sheridan, an Irim-class Gunship in the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet's Sheridan Assault Group. Mazu died in YE 291)2).

The YSS Mazu was built in YE 30 (OOC: October 20073)) at Hotaru Star Fortress alongside sister ship YSS Yanagi. Data from the test flights was sent to Kage Yaichiro.

Shortly after being completed, and while still being loaded with supplied and manned by only a skeleton crew, the YSS Mazu was dispatched from Hotaru-Himitsu Staging area to assist in battle against the SMX as part of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War4). At that time it was commanded by Taisa Motoyoshi Kiyoko.

Kiyoko fled to the YSS Mazu after Hanabusa Miho was murdered5). The ship then battled with the Mishhuvurthyar forces attacking Hotaru6).

Also in YE 30, the Mazu and her battle group visited Yamatai Star System when Katsuko confronted the Senate of Yamatai7).

During the The Freespacer Genocide and Related Battles in the Great Lighthouse8), the YSS Mazu and its battlegroup arrived and was heavily damaged in the fray between the Star Army's forces and the SMX. It was then attacked by the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet's flagship, the YSS Ascendancy, and exploded and was disabled. Motoyoshi Kiyoko was killed along with almost the entire crew. It was reported in Star Army News Distribution and Reporting Agency news that this appeared to be an act of treason as the Mazu had departed without authorization and cooperated with SMX forces to stop the attack on the Freespacers9). This attack would be later known as the The Freespacer Genocide and Related Battles.

Motoyoshi Saito became Taisho of the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet and ordered Himitsu Star Fortress to rebuild the YSS Mazu battle group10). The YSS Mazu's wreck was salvaged11)12) by the SRSS Yggdrasill in YE 33 (OOC: May 2011) for Seventh Fleet.

The YSS Mazu was repaired by the depot for Third Expeditionary Fleet in YE 3313).

Instead of using the repaired YSS Mazu as the Seventh Fleet's flagship, Taisho Katsuko decided to use the YSS Densetsu14). The Mazu ended up in the Third Expeditionary Fleet until that fleet was disbanded in YE 33. As a consequence, the YSS Mazu sat in mothballs at the Nataria Fleet Depot until YE 41 when it was transferred to the new First Expeditionary Fleet roster, which was being rebuilt by Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko.


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