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YSS Relief

YSS Relief
Builder Ketsurui Fleet Yards
Class Kyaa-class
Fleet First Expeditionary Fleet
Hull Number ND-X1-M05
Commanding Officer Shimatani Takeo-Taii

About the Relief

YSS Relief, ND-X1-M05, is a Kyaa-class Search and Rescue (SAR) Vessel built during the pre-production model role out of the class for field-testing in YE 29. Her service since commissioning produced no incidents of particular recognition, save for the enduring admiration held by those either saved by the Relief or brought back from a mental back-up recovered by her crew. A recent change of command saw Shimatani Takeo-Taii take the captaincy of the Relief and the addition of a few new crewmembers to the ship.

Relief in Roleplay

The YSS Relief was a PvP ship played by Sean_ODuibher.


The Relief, along with the rest of her class, has performed valiently throughout her short career, despite some of the technology incorporated during building in YE 29 being slightly behind contemporary standards. Concurrent with the change of command, the Relief received a minor update in the addition of components of the Autonomous Medical Treatment Center package. The mobilization of the Star Army at the outset of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War has meant the Relief is heading back out to the Fleet without proper pre-deployment work-ups or even time for the new command team to settle in.

In YE 36, the YSS Relief was pulled out of the Nataria Fleet Depot to become part of the Star Army's secret anti-contagion unit, Task Force 75.


The crew of the Relief is mainly composed of former sprites. Upon emancipation, all of the sprites chose to remain with the ship, retaining their assigned names - all provided in accordance with the first commanding officer's admiration for trees - and taking the given name “Sukui,” a Yamataian rendering of “Relief.” The cohesiveness to be expected from what is essentially a large group of telepathic sisters can be intimidating, especially to personnel newly transferred to the Relief.


The Relief is equipped with the standard inventory of her class, with the exception of two updates. One, mentioned above, is the addition of AMTC units and related supplies. The second is the upgrade of the onboard Power Armor complement from the outdated M4-1A Sylph to the updated M2-3A Mindy.

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