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YSS Ryūjō

YSS Ryūjō, NJ-S9-01, is a modified Urufu-Class Light Cruiser built at Gemini Star Fortress by Ketsurui Fleet Yards in YE 35 for the Star Army of Yamatai's Ninth Fleet. She is commanded by Chusa Sibyl Gorganis.

This article is about the ship. For plot information, see YSS Ryūjō (Plot).

About YSS Ryūjō

Ship Emblem

The YSS Ryūjō emblem consists of golden talons with a dark red background encased within a blood-red shield. The Emblem is a work in progress.

Ship IRN

The ship's Imperial Registry Number is NJ-S9-01.

Ship Name

The name of the ship references its ability to suddenly pounce upon targets of opportunity, its name translates to: Prancing Dragon.

Ship Motto

Into the Shadows we go, and strike without warning - the ship was tasked with a mission of stealth, thus its motto's reflects not just its mission, but also the fact that it strikes without giving the enemy a chance to react. This is also reflected somewhat in its name as well.


Here's information unique to the YSS Ryūjō (Plot), such as modifications to its interior and its systems.

Interior Spaces

Some parts of the YSS Ryūjō, such as its lower sections, have been modified to carry additional cargo, ammunition, and storage for various items; this is largely due to its long deployment missions.


The ships bridge differs quite a bit from what was originally designed for the Urufu, instead of the Standard Small Starship Bridge (Plumeria Type), it was replaced with the Standard Medium Starship Bridge (Sakura type). The addition of this bridge didn't require much in terms of re-engineering by the builders, with the exception of moving a part of the fabrication area closer to the crew cabins and removing some of the internal bulkhead space - this wasn't considered much of an issue since Ryujo isn't intended to be put into the front lines.


The Ryujo's wardroom largely mimics that which is used on the YSS Eucharis, and the kitchen has a hidden compartment with four NSPs inside.


There is a library set off to the side of the Wardroom, accessible by both the wardroom and by the hallway; this library contains tactical and strategy books by famous people - including those who are enemies of Yamatai. There is also a holographic tank in the center of the room that can be used to replay previous battle footage.

Medical Center

Due in large part to the high risk missions that the Ryujo would be going on, its traditional medical bay was replaced by a Standard Medical Center. Additionally, because the Ryujo boasts a larger variety of species in its crew than any other Yamatain ship, the Autonomous Medical Treatment Center has been altered by Lucas Zion in order to allow for automated treatment of several different species. Aside from the standard list, the system's on board the Ryujo are capable of providing treatment for:

The AMTC on board the Ryujo can, also, treat patients with cybernetic implants more easily than a standard AMTC, though any complex cybernetics work will still require the attention of a qualified cybernetic engineer.

Shuttle Bays

Half of the central portside shuttle bay has been converted into a large scale armorer's workshop, and filled with spare parts and materials to allow for the repair and reconstruction of PA and fighter/shuttle parts in the field on a scale the normal fabrication systems couldn't handle. This includes reasonably large stores of Durandium, Yama-Dura, and Yamataium.

Half of the shuttle bay on the opposite side has been converted into training simulators for the crew. This was put into place because of the extended nature of the Ryujo's mission and its inability to return to Yamataian space on a regular basis. This allows the crew the opportunity to maintain their mission and combat training even when away from friendly space.


The armory on board has been reinforced far in excess of the standard protective measures, allowing for it to be used as a holdout position should the ship be boarded. This includes plenty of extra reinforcement of the doors themselves, not the least of which is a thin layer of Zesuaium being added to the core of the door.


Internal Defenses

Much of the ships spare internal space has been taken up by hidden bulkheads and recessed defensive turrets designed by Takeyu himself; this turrets are positioned near important areas such as the bridge, engineering, and the crew cabins.

Ship History

The following lists of events are in chronological order.

Mission 0

Mission 1


Mission 0 and the start of Mission 1 Bloodyscarlet wasn't the GM I just added a link to the story.

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