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YSS Sakishima

The YSS Sakishima, ND-S10-577, was a Chiaki-class (1A) Escort Destroyer created and assigned in early YE 35 to the Tenth Standard Fleet of the Star Army of Yamatai and served most in the turbulent Yugumo Cluster. In YE 41 she and her other sister ships of DESRON 2 were refit to the new Chiaki-class (1B) Escort Destroyer standard at Leo Star Fortress.

The core IES computer systems of the Sakishima have been upgraded to retain the veteran MEGAMI AI named Jeeves, who usually appears as a busty, blonde, elf-eared female clad in a traditional black butler's suit. She has been known to use her avatar body frequently to intermingle amongst, and assist the crew directly.

It also has several customizations that were preserved in the refit, namely a small traditional onsen and a still that draws heat off engineering. Please see Modifications and Interiors for more details.

This article is about the ship. For plot information, see YSS Sakishima Plot.

Ship Emblem

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