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YSS Senbu

Senbu in Roleplay

The YSS Senbu was a plot ship GM'd by 5tar. The setting revolved around the Senbu's Pride Wing. Its usual plots included repair/salvage/search and rescue combined with power armor missions. RP began May 9, 2008 and lasted until June 29, 2009 (1 year, 1 month, and 20 days).


The Senbu was built at Cosmos Star Fortress by Ketsurui Fleet Yards. It was given to the command of the newly promoted Shosa, Shizuka Endo. Once received she quickly went about loading it and the ship shoved off before the day was through with its first mission to search for the Fort Ready survivors from the Nataria attacks, apparently they had procured a ship and were stranded and heavily damaged. Once the repairs were under way a small vampire class vessel came out of cloak in the debris field left by the force that attempted to defend Natria, the Senbu deployed power armor along side the Fort Ready personnel and they moved in to engage.

During the Senbu's missions in the general region of Halna conducting anti-pirate operations, they received a weak distress signal from a Star Army ship carrying a highly encrypted massage. Answering the distress signal, it first appeared that the YSS Watcher had encountered pirates, as a group of three pirate vessels were starting salvage on the Ayame-class Cruiser. The Senbu engaged the enemy, deploying its Nozomi-class Scouts; YSS Makka and YSS Tategami for the first time. The Pride power armor squadron were tasked with entering the downed YSS Watcher, while the rest of the Red Lion's force fought the pirates.

A surprise awaited the rescue team, they discovered that the power armor of the Watcher had been infected with a intelligent virus that had made the suits act on their own, aggressively attacking the squadron. Then as to make matters worse, while the fight outside looked to be moving in the Red Lion's favor– a old Nepleslian destroyer turned pirate ship jumped in behind the ANRI DSR.

Those Who Served On The Senbu

Year CommissionedYE 30

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