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YSS Tokyo

The YSS Tokyo NF-X1-4201 is the Flagship of the First Expeditionary Fleet. She was laid down in YE 41 at Gemini Star Fortress in Phase I of the re-establishment of the First Expeditionary Fleet and was completed and launched in YE 42.

As one of only a small number of Izanagi-Class Dreadnought built and in active service, she is one of the largest and most sophisticated warships in the Star Army of Yamatai.

About The YSS Tokyo

The YSS Tokyo is named in honor of the Megacity of Tokyo on Jiyuu III located in the Yugumo Cluster.

The Ship's IRN

The ship's Imperial Registry Number (IRN) is NF-X1-4201, which is a departure from the previous sequence of registry entries for the First Expeditionary Fleet. It was selected to show the beginning of registry sequences following the rebuilding of the fleet. The “42” part of the sequence represents the year YE 42.

Ship Patches

Ship patches for the YSS Tokyo.


“Fire in the Endless Midnight.”

Notable Officers and Crew

The ship is to be commanded by Shôshô Kage Yaichiro, while serving as the flagship of Taisho Motoyoshi-Yamada Ayano.

  • Crew selection and assignment will be completed in the near future.

Notable Sprites

Modifications and Improvements

The YSS Tokyo's construction was just completed so more modifications and improvements will be made over time.

Aerial Football Stadium and League

Team Kasairyuu Patch The ship has been modified similarly to the YSS Battle Of Yamatai to include a full-sized aerial football stadium, with production and studio facilities. The Aerial Football team, named “Team Kasairyuu” after the storied 17th Kasairyuu Power Armor Wing from the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet, plays in the Imperial League with teams from other flagships.

Command Offices

The fully custom-designed YSS Tokyo Command Offices on the YSS Tokyo.

Player Character Cabins

Systems Modifications

Systems modified from the standard Izanagi-Class Dreadnought design.

Nodal Liquid Conduit System

The YSS Tokyo was one of the first ships developed with the Nodal Liquid Conduit System, a system which replaces the former Hemosynthetic Conduit System and Nodal System and ties together systems such as the Hemosynthetic Reconstruction Tube, Fabrication and Repair Systems and Star Army Standard Life Support Systems.


Mounted on the bottom ninety decks of the ship is a 540 meter tall construct which serves as a shipyard. It is open to space, essentially being two horizontal six kilometer long rails with vertical ribs held a bit over a kilometer apart. This structure is covered in mounting hardware and a Scalable Graviton Beam Projector Array from which to construct a vessel. These rails and ribs are also designed with Integrated CFS Array panels under their hull not only to further protect a vessel under construction in the shipyard in combat, but also to shield the YSS Tokyo itself should the vessel in the shipyard catastrophically fail or be a source of an attack. With this latter functionality, the shipyard can be used to more safely hold captured and potentially hostile vessels.

Though the shipyard itself is of these limited dimensions, there is a bit of a recess in the bottom of the YSS Tokyo above the shipyard that runs the entire length of the vessel. As such, there is no true limitation to the length of the vessel that can be docked to, and the fact there is open space under the shipyard means that dimension is also unlimited. The only hard limit is the one-kilometer width of the ribs. Practicality for structural integrity and shielding purposes, however, recommends that the largest vessel that the Tokyo construct to be 10km x 1km x 1km.

YSS Tokyo History in Roleplay

History and notable events in roleplay.

Attached Plots

Other plots on the YSS Tokyo.

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