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YSS Yugumo

The YSS Yu-gumo was a Takumi-Class Expeditionary Command Cruiser built at Ketsurui Fleet Yards at Yamatai in YE 29. The vessel’s commanding officer was Motoyoshi Kiyoko, Shosa. The ship bore the registration of NJ-X5-01, meaning it was the first cruiser of the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet of the Star Army of Yamatai. However, the Yugumo was destroyed with all hands by the YSS Izumi in response to an uncontrollable Mishhu infestation after a skirmish with an SMX battlegroup.

Game Master


Yu-gumo (??) means ‘Evening Cloud’, like most vessels of the Takumi Class, it was named after a natural phenomenon. The vessel’s name was chosen by Koyanagi Mayumi in YE 29.

Yu-gumo in Roleplay

This plot-ship is a social plot focusing on an exploration mission far beyond the current sphere of the empire’s influence. Out nearly a hundred light-years from home a crew sets out to discover new worlds, new cultures, phenomenon and each other.

The play is primarily Single Post, with the occasional Joint Posts when players are available. One of the goals of the GM’s is to create an atmosphere capable of catering to a variety of schedules. With the focus being on the social events and character development, if you miss a JP or the occasional opportunity to SP it is easy to get reintegrated. We understand everyone has a life, however keep in mind, while we do try to give people the opportunity to post we will post around those who go absent. If you get behind or are going to be out, give one of the Game Masters a heads up and we will accommodate you.

Yu-gumo’s History

YE 29

Koyanagi Mayumi has served the Star Army of Yamatai honorably for many years. She was promoted upon return to Yamatai to the rank of Taisho, and charged with the command of putting the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet of the Star Army of Yamatai back together.

Following the conclusion of the ceremony commemorating the life of her former friend and commanding officer; Taisho Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko, Mayumi has taken on a new task; the difficult supervision of the construction of the Takumi Class Expeditionary Command Cruiser. Under the direction of SARA a project is developed which will take one of these new vessels, the YSS Yu-gumo, on a mission built around the basis that this new cruiser was designed to conduct long-ranged missions. The mission is to explore a region of space far from the Imperial Core.

As leader of this renewed Expeditionary Fleet, Mayumi selected Motoyoshi Kiyoko Shosa, the daughter of the infamous late Taisho Motoyoshi, who after a extended leave of absence to properly grieve her mother and comrades has returned to take on the task of commanding the ship.

Yugumo's Roleplayed History

The following is a layout of the events roleplayed aboard the YSS Yugumo plotship, beginning on February 27th, 2007.


  • The Yugumo admitted its first batch of enlisted soldiers.
  • Mysterious words found written in blood upon the walls of the briefing room: “I‘m sorry, I didn’t mean to cause so many to die! Forgive me, Taiie.” Meeting moved to secondary briefing room.
  • Launch party held aboard the Yugumo Arboretum, attracting much of the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet.
  • Apparition sighted at party; unaddressed.
  • The party ends, partygoers leave the Yugumo, the crew goes to sleep.
  • Second apparition sighted by two enlisted; plans to inform Kiyoko.

Day 1

  • The Yugumo launches and begins its voyage.
  • Quickly encounters three SMX ships. The Yugumo destroys two and leaves the main ship inoperative. The Yugumo loses one escort and takes heavy damage.
  • Plans are made for the Ralt Carrier Group to pick up the inoperational SMX battleship.
  • Short briefing is held regarding plans. Crew is given R&R
  • Yugumo enters into Creepy Passage after minor repairs
  • Mishhu infestation detected in engineering, crew mount a valient response
  • Yugumo found by the YSS Izumi and YSS Yuuki to be overrun, the Yugumo's SS pod is launched and the ship destroyed

Crew of the YSS Yu-gumo


Shosa Motoyoshi Kiyoko

  • Commanding Officer
  • Player Andrew; YIM: enigma_eitan


Chui Caine Ionoche

  • Executive Officer
  • Player Tyler; YIM: hiro_seishin

Chui Creighton Marks

  • Starship Pilot
  • Player Drew; YIM: magnus_the_traitor

Chui Camellia Sarri

  • Chief Tactical Officer
  • Player Chris Young; YIM: cora_meliamne

Enlisted/Warrant Officers

Enlisted Bunk Assignment: 24-A

Santô Hei Kanai Kiyoe

  • Combat Arms
  • Player Kel; YIM: kelenar

Santô Hei Tesuro Urameshi

Santô Hei Akira Sasaki

Enlisted Bunk Assignment: 25-A

Santô Hei Kigetsuki Kishou

  • Combat Arms
  • Player Cannonball; YIM: Cannonballninja

Nitô Hei Roken Techard

Ittô Heisho Xanatos Zarthe

  • Specialist
  • Player Fay; YIM: krusemh

Enlisted Bunk Assignment: 26-A

Santô Hei Minori Yuki

  • Caretaker
  • Player Kyoki; YIM: kyoki_tsuki

Former Crew of the YSS Yu-gumo

Chui Itkatsu Kiyoko

  • Bridge Navigator
  • Player David; YIM: itkatsu_kiyoko

Santô Hei Dirj Lorne

  • Medical
  • Player Cavane; YIM: cavane42

Ittô Heisho Kobayashi Ichiro

  • Combat Arms
  • Player Kylen; YIM: gamgeek6

Nitô Heisho Nicholas Saiga

  • Communications Technician
  • Player raz; YIM: daidoji_kakashi

Important NPCs


Faction: Star Army of Yamatai Species: Warship Integrated Electronics System (WIES) Synthesized NH-29 Appearance: Yugumo is a very unique individual. She has white shoulder length hair, purple eyes and a powered-pale completion. Dress: White Paneled, Skirt-Style Star Army Uniform

Personality: Yugumo is kind, compassionate individual. She is protective of her crew, and treats them all with a gentle, yet encouraging manner. Being the synthesized body of the Yugumo's AI she can generally be found around the commanding officer, but frequently makes visiting other areas of the ship a priority.

Ichigawa Ritsuko

Faction: Star Army of Yamatai Species: NH-29 Rank: Shoi Appearance: Black hair generally worn in a pony tail, Green eyes. Dress: White Paneled, Skirt-Style Star Army Uniform

Personality: Ritsuko has been aboard the Yugumo since its performance trials. A graduate of the Kyoto War College she has had connections to the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet through some field training she done during her junior year. A quick made friend of Creighton Marks and Motoyoshi Kiyoko. Ritsuko is a party-loving girl, and is frequently in attendance at the enlisted commons, claiming their bars are livelier than those servicing the officers onboard.

Notes: Ritsuko is the duty officer for the second (Beta) shift.


Faction: Star Army of Yamatai Species: NH-29 Sprite Appearance: Plum has taun skin, dark blue hair with bright purple frosted tips. She has a short adolescent-like stature, and bright purple eyes. Dress: Plum wears a custom purple paneled body skirt uniform which she and Poma designed. Personality: Plum is kind and energetic, shes always talking about something. She is stationed with Poma on the Yugumo's bridge at the Operations station along with Poma, her companion and whom she refers to as “Sis”. Plum has a history of driving men crazy; her tendency to get touchy with Poma has caused more than its share of incidents involving crew members.


Faction: Star Army of Yamatai Species: NH-29 Sprite Appearance: Poma has taun skin, dark blue hair with dark red frosted tips. She has a short adolescent-like stature, and has pomegranate red eyes. Dress: Poma wears a custom dark-red paneled skirt uniform which she and Plum designed.

Personality: Poma is a curious inquisitive individual, she is very sensitive towards the needs of Plum and other members of the crew. She is a shoulder to cry on, and can cheer just about anyone up. She is stationed along with Plum at the Operations station on the bridge. She has the hots for Sarri-Chui.

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