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Mini Striker Array

Ke-S3-W2903 Gunship-size Striker Array Variant

History and Development

As part of his efforts to optimize existing vessels with lower cost methods; as well as out of his continued loyalty to his first Commanding Officer, Ketsurui Hanako of the YSS Sakura, Kage Yaichiro endeavored to design a modular system to increase the usefulness and versatility of the famous vessel by utilizing a long overlooked design aspect which made the vessel potentially modular. Knowing the Sakura often fought against multiple small enemies, he endeavored to design the Sakura Enhancement Module, and the prototype Mini Striker SEM. To bring the power of the Striker Array, originally seen on the Takumi-class Expeditionary Command Cruiser to the smaller gunship, it had to be miniaturized. However, in spite of its smaller size and payload, it still stands to be a great asset in combat, as it adds a new type of offensive capability to the vessel.


Mini 'Striker' Array: (Ke-S3-W2903)

A miniature version of the Type 29, which was in turn a smaller rapid fire adaptation of the Type 26-A, the Mini Striker is designed to provide the same anti Power-Armor and anti-Pod protection it gives to the larger Takumi line of vessels. Highly compressed 50 kg positron shells, which are 1/4th the size of the Type 29's 200 kg shells and smaller still than the Type 26-A shells, are fired at a speed of 900c. Shells are fired with a subspace pulse, accelerating them to FTL speeds and are protected with electromagnetic shielding until they leave the firing port. Each port can fire a shell every 5 seconds. Unlike the Type 29, which has up to 250 turrets per array, the Mini Striker has only 100 ports. However, given the smaller area necessary for the mini arrays to defend, it still boasts an impressive performance. Also of note is that the lesser mass being fired by each array (2000 kg/s/array vs. 50,000 ks/s/array) makes it possible to power multiple Mini Strikers using auxilury Aether Generators.

The shells inflict heavy damage and are delivered in high yields to incoming enemy mecha. The positrons annihilate electrons they come in contact with, thus destabilizing and destroying molecules, and creating an enormous energy surge through the mecha.

  • Primary Purpose: Anti-mecha
  • Secondary Purpose: Assault
  • Damage: DR 4 (Anti-Mecha)
  • Range: 600,000 miles
  • Rate of Fire: Every 5 seconds/port (20 shots/second/array)
  • Payload: Two Hundred shots per hour, per port. Self regenerating. Each shot is 50 kg.

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