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Mini Striker SEM


Some parts taken directly from or edited from the Takumi-class Expeditionary Command Cruiser.

History and Development

The Mini Striker SEM is the prototype Sakura Enhancement Module design, utilizing the Mini Striker Array, and may see mass production pending successful testing. It was designed by Kage Yaichiro so that the Sakura-class Light Gunship could better perform its duties in a Power Armor combat situation. This effort was partially out of his wish to optimize existing warships with as few resource costs as possible, though it was also largely in part to his loyalty of his first CO, Ketsurui Hanako of the YSS Sakura.

The M2900 also contains the supplemental CFS systems and Aether Generators necessary to make up for the removal of the conventional engine nacelles, though it lacks the auxilury STL systems as well as the additional Positron Railguns. As the M2900 has its own power systems, and does not siphon power from the Gunship, the CFS and even the Main Gun can be used in unison with the system.

This particular SEM has an odd three-facet design, rather than the sloped and aerodynamic design, to optimize the use of the two arrays. When two M2900s are utilized, the arrays give the Sakura a slightly elongated sphere of cover fire, though there are several blind spots, the largest and most vulnerable being at the rear of the ship. Should enemies survive the Striker long enough to get in these blind spots, they will have to contend with the remaining railguns and the Sakura's Power Armor compliment while cut off from their respective forces. Even this small number of Striker Arrays has the potential to be of great use when overwhelmed by multiple small enemies.

Graphical Representation of the Striker Array's range, with two SEM M2900s attached. Not to scale.

Weapons Systems

Mini Striker Array (2): (Ke-S3-W2903)

Other Systems


There are two sections of Zesuaium-reinforced Yamataium Armor with Xiulurium coating, one for the top half and one for the bottom half of the SEM.

Wired Communication Links and Data Storage

The SEM usually does not possess its own computer system normally, but contains wired communication systems to connect the vessel’s IES and communications system, as well as data storage relevant to the function of the device. Usually this data storage device is small, and acts only as a loader for the IES in the Sakura, and as a “black box”. It is heavily shielded, to try and allow it to survive the destruction of its module and/or the Sakura it is linked to. All computations and commands are issued by the IES interface on the connected Sakura.

HSCS conduits and Passageways

The SEM contains passage ways to permit travel between the Sakura and the SEM, lined with HSCS conduit. While the SEM lacks HSCS fluid or nodal capability on its own, it can utilize such systems from the Sakura it is linked to.

The passageways have thick walls made of Zesuaium-reinforced Yamataium and Yarvex mesh, as well as Zesuaium-reinforced Yamataium bulkheads half a meter thick every ten meters down the corridor. These are normally open, but can be programmed as needed. They can be used to prevent depressurization, lock certain people or people below a given rank out of the SEM, or trap an enemy lured into the corridor. These are under the control of the IES as well as the CO.

Aether Generator

The SEM has its own Aether Generator to supplement that of the Sakura. The Sakura does not lose power to the SEM, so SEM use does not prevent the Sakura from firing its Main Gun, for example. However, the Sakura can pull power from the SEM if needed for emergencies.

Capacitor Banks

The SEM relies on Aether Generators from the Sakura and itself to power the Capacitor Banks. The banks are linked to power any devices on board, which are continuously charged by the Aether generators. Rather than draw massive amounts of power at once for the SEM, they continuously charge, and when the capacitors are discharged, the banks are charged gradually again. The charging rate can be configured via IES, but the faster the rate, the more the drain of the Sakura’s and the SEM’s Aether generators.

Docking Ports

For emergencies such as when the Sakura is disabled, or other unforeseen instances, a small collection of docking ports can be found, meant for shuttles and Power Armors from the Sakura attached to it.

Life Support

The SEM has basic Life Support, specifically air scrubbers, oxygen tanks, water and ration storage. It is meant to be an emergency “life raft” of sorts, should the attached Sakura be destroyed, but lacks any form of engine capacity unless connected to an external computer. If engines are needed, shuttles can be connected to the unit, though acceleration will be very slow.

Quick Release

In an emergency, the Sakura can detach from the SEM in less than one second, and vice versa. However, this requires permission from the IES being disconnected, the highest ranking and surviving officer on the Sakura being disconnected, or the CO.

Self Destruct

With the potentially sensitive nature of the components of a module designed for any specific mission, it is possible to detach the vessel from a SEM and detonate it, using the Aether generator to overload and destroy the SEM.

Combined Field System

The Sakura S3 has an excellent Combined Field System that can protect against up to 4.5 YottaWatts worth of damage (4.5 x 1024 [4.5 septillion] joules a second ) per each 1 square meter area in either kinetic or energy form, or a bit more than the matter-energy conversion rate of the Sun (3.83 x 1024 Watts). This is usually enough to hide within a star or withstand many main cannon blasts from enemy vessels. The nacelles are responsible for 15% of this power.

SRP Costs

Item Point Cost (Each) Number Description Subtotal
FTL Engine (Speed in c/100)x0.15* 485 CFS 485
Main Generator 400 1 Aether 400
Armor 50 x DR 2, DR 9 Zesuaium-Reinforced Yamataium 900
Stealth Armor 200 2 Xiulurium 400
Secondary Generator 200 1 Capacitor 200
Life Support 200 1 HSCS/Conventional 200
Main Gun Battery 25 x DR 2, DR 7 Positron 'Striker' Array 350
Total SRP Cost for each SEM 2935

*Multiplied by 15% because each Nacelle accounts for 15% of the Sakura's total CFS capacity, according to Wes

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