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Star Army Standard Starship Emergency Systems

Standard Starship Emergency Systems are part of Ketsurui Fleet Yards' continued effort to create multi-class compatible designs and modular starship systems. The designs are critical starship systems that protect Star Army of Yamatai personnel and assets from emanate danger. They were developed for the current and future vessels produced by KFY and were last updated at the end of YE 34 in anticipation of fielding in YE 35 refit and construction schedules.

Customization and Listing

  • All systems actually utilized should be listed in your ship statistics.
  • Paint colors can be customized to match the ship.
  • Any modifications should be noted.

Emergency Systems

Blast Shutters, Doors and Internal Compartmentalization

In YE 34 it was decided that the normal airtight door systems would be be incorporated into the Blast Shutter Control System onboard Star Army of Yamatai ships, this would complete the total compartmentalization of starship designs.

Blast Shutters

All Blast Shutters are composed of Yarvex lined 15cm thick Yamataium and have small air-containment force-field projectors which are designed to maintain atmospheric pressure during repairs. These systems also serve as anti-boarding systems in the event that the vessel becomes compromised.

Internal Compartment Doors

Internal compartment doors have traditional slide open/close function, but have airtight seals and can be locked and unlocked to ensure a compromised compartment remains sealed. Doors are composed of 5cm thick Yama-Dura. These doors also have small air-containment force-field projectors which are designed to maintain atmospheric pressure during repairs.

For some vessels

Some vessels are equipped with Forcefield-Nested Isolation Doors.

Blast Shutter Procedures

During normal conditions blast shutters remain open, and internal compartment doors operate normally; however, during Condition 1 operations, all blast shutters and doors are closed.


Blast shutters can be locked or unlocked from the Systems and Safety Monitoring Station on the bridge, by the Star Army Starship Captain, other authorized officers, or by whatever PANTHEON Integrated Electronics System the vessel is equipped with. Small displays inset into the shutters and doors indicate 'LOCKING SYSTEM ENGAGED' they are locked in light pink lettering. Briefly, during the locking process the display will say 'LOCKING SYSTEM CYCLING' in white lettering.


Unlocked blast shutters can be opened by utilizing the panel located beside them. The display on the door will read 'LOCKING SYSTEM DISENGAGED' in light blue lettering when the shutter is unlocked.

Damage Control

Damage Control Stations

Most Star Army of Yamatai ships are equipped with Standard Damage Control Stations . These stations have the latest equipment and tools utilized in the repair of the ship and its systems.

Fire Fighting

Most Star Army of Yamatai ships have been equipped with Fire Suppression System.


The HSCS-3 of the Hemosynthetic Conduit System plays a critical role in damage control on Star Army of Yamatai ships.It carries femtomachines through various parts of the ship where repairs are needed, to control damage automatically, even during combat.

Emergency Communications

Sound-Powered Telephones

All Star Army of Yamatai ships are equipped with Sound-Powered Telephones. These phones will work without power because your voice acts as the source of current in the phone circuit. Because of the nature of these phones, each receiver is also transmitter; this means you can talk into the earpiece if your mouthpiece is broken and vice versa.

Personnel Preservation Measures

In the event of severe damage, catastrophic systems failure or any other emergency situation which require the crew to abandon the ship, these systems are utilized.

Escape Pods

Most Star Army of Yamatai ships are equipped with the latest Star Army Escape Pods.

Soul Savior Pods

Some Star Army of Yamatai ships have Soul Savior Pods which play a vital role in the preservation of Mental Backups, which can facilitate restoration of fallen soldiers.

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