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TASHA M9 Team Autonomous Support Heavy Armor

The M9 Team Autonomous Support Heavy Armor (sometimes referred to as “Tasha the Tank”) is a crab-like six-legged, armored, floating tank robot fielded by the Star Army of Yamatai in late YE 30.

About the Armor

Controlled by a sentient AI, the Tasha is designed to support armored infantry in planetary operations (although a planetary atmosphere is not required). It moves about the battlefield with fire teams (typically 4 soldiers wearing M6 DAISY Armor) and provides heavy weapons support. In combat, it will typically move around in short bursts of speed (rather than just hover around like an attack helicopter).

TASHA is a walking tank. It's in our universe because it makes sense to have walking, hovering tanks to go with walking, hovering armor suits and walking, hovering nekos. It promotes roleplay by giving Yamataians a new element to flesh out planetary warfare, allowing for more modern portrayal of the battlefield.

Key Features

  • Heavily armored
  • Weapons are compatible with widely-available ammunition

Mission Specialization

  • Team fire support
  • Team sensor support
  • Artillery


The TASHA looks like a crab or a spider. It has six legs and two arms and a wide, semi-circular main body. More precise details will be added once art is available. GMs are welcome to make their own interpretations (that could, if needed, be later explained as different early test types).

History and Background

The TASHA is the final product of a number of designs created to replace the old BW-6 Battle Tank. Rather than be constrained by the limits of traditional tank treads, the Star Army decided to create an armor that could keep up with the Daisy M6 Infantry Power Armor. Like infantry armors, the TASHA can walk, crawl, and hover around. TASHA armors started appearing in limited numbers in late YE 30 as the Star Army began to get them to the battlefield to test them in action. After favorable results, the Star Army approved them for mass production in the second quarter of YE 32.

Statistics and Performance


Class: Ke-M9-1A Team Autonomous Support Heavy Armor Type: Combat Armor Robot Designers: Ketsurui Fleet Yards Manufacturer: Ketsurui Fleet Yards Production: Mass production Fielded by: Star Army of Yamatai


Tasha armors are about 7 meters in diameter with their legs spread and stand 4 meters tall (but can rise to nearly 5).

Speeds and Range

Despite its large size, it is fairly agile and very mobile.

  • Hovers in any direction at speeds up to 85mph
  • Crawls at up to 45mph on any terrain
  • Can walk up walls using “sticky” feet and/or anti-gravity
  • Submersible up to 150m
  • About 2000 miles a day, if needed (not recommended)
  • Estimated service lifespan of 20 years with refits every 2 years for the first ten and then one more at 15 years.

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • Hull: 25 Structural Points (Mecha Scale)
  • Shields: 20 SP (Threshold 2)
  • Redundant anti-scalar shielding, radiation shielding

Armament and Tools


The TASHA carries a number of weapons. Its primary weapons include slug-throwers (a high velocity tank cannon and two “bullet hoses,” while its secondary armament (turrets and missile pods) is primarily defensive. The weapons on the TASHA use most of the same widely-available ammunition as the BW-6 Battle Tank.

  • Fully stabilized 105mm Gauss/Plasma Cannon, Tier 7 (50+ rounds, range of 18 km)
  • 50mm Smoke/Grenade Launchers (typically carries white phosphorus grenades)
  • 2x Remote-operated 35mm Machine Gun, Tier 5 (2500 rounds each)
  • Aether Gatling turret. Tier 8,
  • 4x Point Defense Turrets (each equivalent to NSP)
  • 2x optional leg-mounting micro-missile pods (uses a set of power armor thigh/lower leg pods)
  • Stomping and other melee attacks
  • Can be set to designate (on sight) targets for orbital strikes


Tasha Armors are designed to be useful and to repair one another (or allied equipment).

  • Claws on the two front legs
  • Towing/rappelling cables and hooks on the two rear legs
  • 2 arms with hands
    • 4 mini-arms per arm (typically hidden under armor, good for delicate repairs, lockpicking, etc)
  • Carries a repair toolkit, equivalent to a Premium Pack.
  • 2 Cargo Compartments (can be used to deposit medical kits, survival kits, land mines, or drones)
  • Recon Drones (equivalent to NSBs)

Armor Systems

Defenses and Stealth

The TASHA is armored like a true tank; it cannot be easily defeated by power armors.

  • Heavily Armored (Yamataium with thick Zesuaium panels and reactive armor coating). The thicker/heavier armor is located on the dorsal and frontal surfaces. 25 Structural Points (Mecha Scale).
  • Conformal EM Shielding; 20 SP (Threshold 2).
  • Scalar-Immune
  • Optional Stealth System (thermoptic coating and camo sprayer on some models)

Electronics and Sensors

The size of the TASHA and its role as a team “hub” both allow and require large number of sophisticated sensors.

  • CIES-based AI (can also be remotely controlled from a ship)
  • Wide-range optics (Infrared, visual, UV)
  • Long-Range Telescope
  • Time-modulated Ultra-Wide-Band RADAR
  • Laser range finders
  • Sound sensors and speakers (can be used for SONAR if desired)
  • Aether wave sensor (can find anti-aether devices)
  • ECM sensor suites (can locate ECM sources)

Power Systems

The TASHA M9 operates on one or more of its equipped power sources:

  • Aether Generator
  • Fusion Generator
  • Capacitor Banks

The typical mode of operation is for the TASHA to primarily rely on its fusion generators when near supplies. As with the STV, the aether generator is primarily used for rapidly charging the capacitor banks, not as a primary power source.


TASHA has two main ways of moving around:

  • Legs (moves like a spider)
  • Anti-gravity system (hovering)

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