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"Must Knows" For New Yamataian Soldiers

Question: Besides power armor piloting and all of that stuff, what are some ships/people a new soldier should already know of?

Answer: Yamataians will know of the Emperor/Empress and the Ketsurui Clan.

When to salute and when to bow: Rendering Courtesy (Salutes and Bowing).

Also, remember to follow the chain of command.

General Knowledge about the Yamatai Star Empire

Here are the general knowledge about the Yamatai Star Empire that your character would know from being a soldier and a citizen. Young Nekovalkyrja probably directed downloaded basic history lessons directly into their brains as a part of their training process. Other characters would have been taught this knowledge during their childhood upbringing.


How man originally populated this sector of space is shrouded in mystery. Historians believe that an Empire of evil alien overlords brought us here as slaves, and that they were then overthrown in a bloody slave rebellion several centuries ago. From the wreckage of this alien civilization, man was able to salvage advanced technology such as faster-than-light engines, aether power generators, and so on.

Armed with these technologies, man settled in several solar systems. Nepleslia emerged as the center of human civilization, due to various factors such as climate conditions, the concentration of “overlord” technology, etc. Man slowly began calling himself “Nepleslian”. English, also known as “Nepleslian” and “Trade”, quickly became the language of choice in commerce and trade.

Man being what he is, various factions quickly formed. They bickered and fought. Most had bases on Nepleslia, which was often the center of conflict.

The technological singularity was quickly reached, with the creation of advanced AI systems that could build superior versions of themselves. AI quickly began to out-pace man in all aspects of intelligence. Instead of a reversal of the master-slave relationship, as predicted by many sci-fi authors, these advanced AI developed a symbiotic relationship with mankind instead. Today, many AI systems can be found walking in humanoid bodies, with most of them serving in the military due to their advanced information processing abilities. They mimic human habits, form friendships, and even find lovers.

Yamatai was originally founded as a Nepleslian colony by settlers of mostly Japanese and Nordic descent. The settlers had a deep interest in biological engineering. (to be continued)


Yamataian culture is a curious blend of Japanese and Scandinavian cultures, which highly values community, authority, conformity, harmony, and aesthetic beauty. Architecture ranges from traditional Asian pagodas to modernist cosmopolitan skyscrapers. Most citizenry are adept at manipulating the machinery of a post-singularity high-tech society, yet still practice and patronize artistic crafts from ancient Japan and China, such as flower arrangements, brush paintings, and calligraphy.


In this respect, Yamatai is truly a technological utopia. Fueled by open trade lanes and highly efficient colonies and outposts that produce abundant organic, mineral, and energy resources, Yamatai is the most prosperous and wealthy among the human factions. Its citizens lead comfortable, often luxurious lives, which often frees them to pursue more artistic or esoteric careers.


Authority and harmony being highly valued in Yamataian culture, the average Yamataian citizen remains very content despite a lack of personal and political freedoms that a Nepleslian takes for granted. The Emperor administers the executive and judicial bodies of the Yamataian government, and wields absolute power. The Imperial Senate proposes and debates upon possible legislations, and also acts as the overseer of the various bureaucratic apparatuses of the Empire. Outside of the central government, power is distributed among the divisions within the military, and politics takes on a distinctly feudal flavor.


Having emerged victorious from many conflicts over the past decades, the Star Army of Yamatai is the Empire's most valued asset, lauded by its citizenry and a source of pride for the Emperor himself. It is divided into several fleets, with each fleet charged with protecting a section of Yamataian territory. Each fleet in turn is overseen by a Taisho, who wields near absolute authority and has wide discretionary powers given to him or her by the Emperor.

It is also very important to familiarize oneself with the details of the Star Army Enlistment Contract, and the Star Army Uniform and Appearance Policy.

In the Star Army, urinals are virtually unheard of since more soldiers are female than male, and restroom facilities are gender-neutral.


Many citizens practice ancestor worship. Buddhism and Shintoism remain viable religions. Many Nekos revere the Empress and her family as divine beings. Belief in a God or Gods is considered illogical and childish.

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