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Star Army Fire Suppression System, Type 32

The Type 32 Fire Suppression System is an upgrade or replacement for the previous water based fire system, it became available in YE 32.

About the Fire Suppression System

The Type 32 Fire Suppression System, adds an automated feature to Star Army Vessels to assist the crew in fighting fires. It also implements the new Star Army Fire Suppression Foam in manual systems as well.


In YE 32, a fire aboard the YSS Eucharis almost destroyed her wardroom, and was found quite difficult to fight. Ketsurui Hanako-Taisa asked her engineering team, to devise a fire suppression system, which they discussed and eventually achieved. This effort was in conjuction with the research that resulted in Star Army Fire Suppression Foam. This system replaces the water based retardant with Star Army Fire Suppression Foam.


Common Aspects

All installations of the new suppression system, have FOAM stored in tanks at various points on the ship. Additional pumps and piping to distribute the FOAM to all areas. On existing ships the old water tanks and pumps for fire fighting are serviced and retrofitted for use with the new system.

The system can be used to isolate the affected area life support wise. This allows the system to stop pumping oxygen into the area to try to help put out the fire.

As a last resort, the life support system can be set to vent the atmosphere from the affected area to hard vacuum. However this should only be done when all other methods have failed. Such venting subjects the life support duct work to super heated gasses and debris, which can damage them.


Existing hoses are retrofitted with new nozzles. All water based and CO2 style extinguishers are replaced with new FOAM models. Engineering sections still keep their extinguishers for metal based fires.


The system installs ceiling mounted dispersal fixtures. The foam can be deployed by MEGAMI at her discretion, or by a member of the crew. There are two selectable heads, a wide angle spray head to disperse the FOAM evenly over a wide area, the second head is a jet nozzle which can swivel 360 degrees which allows it to aim at any portion of the room. The jet nozzle can deploy foam out to a maximum of 30ft (9.14m). The head can also swivel 180 degrees to further assist with aiming. A small camera is attached to the head to allow progress to be monitored. Large areas will have multiple fixtures to ensure proper coverage.

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