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Star Army Rikugun Vehicle Crew, Type 45

Rikugun vehicle crews often operate from austere bases close to the front line. This is reflected in their standard issue equipment. The listed equipment supplements the Rikugun Standard Issue Equipment list and primarily focuses on the equipment a soldier is provided for a deployment. Depending on available space or specific mission duties, soldiers may be allowed (or required) to bring other items from the list or allowed to bring limited personal items. The Veehicle Crew equipment scheme was created alongside of Star Army Rikugun Infantry, Type 45.

Rikugun Vehicle Operator

The standard personal equipment of a Rikugun Vehicle Operator. The equipment is mostly similar for tank and armored vehicle crews and shuttle crews.

Rikugun Mecha Pilot

The standard issued equipment for a Rikugun Mecha Pilot.

Rikugun Fighter Pilot

The standard equipment for the aircrew of a Rikugun fighter or bomber.

Vehicle Gear

This is a list of heavier or bulkier equipment that aren’t assigned to individual soldiers but to vehicles themselves. These might be crew quality of life improvements, safety items, or aid in survival or vehicle recovery. Some vehicles carry specific equipment not listed below.

Standard Vehicle Gear

Common Vehicle Gear

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