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 {{:​stararmy:​uniforms:​duty:​officer_cap.png?​250|Officer Cap}} {{:​stararmy:​uniforms:​duty:​officer_cap_with_scrambled_eggs.png?​250|Officer Cap with Scrambled Eggs}} {{:​stararmy:​uniforms:​duty:​officer_cap.png?​250|Officer Cap}} {{:​stararmy:​uniforms:​duty:​officer_cap_with_scrambled_eggs.png?​250|Officer Cap with Scrambled Eggs}}
-Caps made before [[calendar:​YE 38]] have the older hinomaru design:+Caps made before [[calendar:​YE 38]] have the older Type 21 hinomaru design ​on them:
 {{:​stararmy:​uniforms:​duty:​officers_cap_badge_type_36a.png?​300&​direct|Officer Cap Badge, Type 36}} {{:​stararmy:​uniforms:​duty:​officers_cap_badge_type_36a.png?​300&​direct|Officer Cap Badge, Type 36}}
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