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Star Army Coverall, Type 36

The Type 36 Coverall is a garment used by the Star Army of Yamatai starting in YE 36, which consists of a simple semi-camouflage coverall offering good mobility and basic protection. It purpose is to be worn in habitable planetary field environments between combat use of power armor, such as during downtime at Star Army Legion outposts. It can also be used as a basic flight suit or engineering jumpsuit. By adding a Traditional Flak Vest, it can serve as a combat uniform in the style of the old Star Army Coverall, Type 01.

Type 36 Coverall in Olive Green


Although the Second Mishhuvurthyar War ended in YE 34, the following years remained a time of political instability as the major powers began paying more attention to each other, particularly the lack of a peace treaty between the Yamatai Star Empire and the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia. To this end, the Star Army began drawing up secret contingency plans such as UNION MAZE and mass-producing ground forces to achieve equality with Nepleslia and other factions with large armies.

In early YE 36, the Star Army had recently discontinued the complex Star Army Field Uniform, Type 31 and was looking for cheaper ways to outfit their new legions. The bright colors of the type 31 working uniform made it unsuitable for planetary operations and the combat-oriented design of the field uniform was redundant because in combat, power armor was always worn.

During the war, Star Army personnel had been impressed by the simplicity of the NMX Navy Jumpsuit (Type 33) and used it as inspiration for a similar coverall. Differences included the addition of epaulettes and a zipper instead of buttons. The type 36 resulting coverall was less expensive, lighter, and less space-consuming than the Star Army Field Uniform, Type 31 and Star Army Working Uniform, Type 31.

Type 36 Coverall in Olive Green with flak vest

When it was first introduced, the Coverall received criticism from soldiers because of its original and for looking too “Nepleslian” in design instead of the sleek, colorful designs normally associated with the Star Army. However, its utility and comfort helped it catch on rapidly.


Type 36 Coveralls are a loose-fitting one-piece garment, usually in Nataria Green, made of fire-resistant fabric. The garment has pockets on the chest and in the pants section but no exposed buttons and it features a notched collar. The collar can be closed up using a hook-and-pile patch hidden under the collar. The coverall has shoulder epaulettes like the duty uniform giving it a more military appearance. It is worn with black leather boots (or Star Army Jika-Tabi, Type 38), a typical star Army belt, and a cap.

The coverall has a sturdy zipper running from the neck down around the crotch and back up to the top of the butt, allowing it to be opened and for soldiers to relieve themselves without removing the jumpsuit. The belt, T-Shirt, cap, and boots are all cross-compatible with the Star Army Duty Uniform, Type 35, allowing soldiers to either carry less items by eliminating duplicates in their duffel bag, or to have spares usable on either uniform.

Enlisted personnel have green stripes and NCOs have red chevrons on the left upper arm, halfway between the shoulder and the elbow. Officers use the pin-style rank above the left breast pocket. Subdued versions of rank insignia are not yet available but are being considered. Like all Star Army uniforms, the right upper arm is equipped with the Star Army Hinomaru patch or (as of YE 41) the Star Army Insignia Set, Type 41. Star Army Enlisted Ranks go on the left upper arm. Officers wear their rank pins. Medals should not be worn on the coverall.

Type 36 coveralls are often seen with the sleeves rolled up and smudged with oil or dirt.


The green coverall only is for operational/field use in planetary environments or for shipboard or planetary duties that are laborious, dirty, or likely to cause excessive wear or staining on regular uniforms. It is not to be worn into town.

The coverall can be worn over…

The coveralls' legs should be tucked into the boots and bloused. Some variance in the actual width of the blousing is permissible.

The coverall is considered semi-disposable and soldiers are not normally responsible for replacement costs unlike other uniforms; replacements can be assigned as required by the ship or unit supply department.

As of July 1, YE 38, it is permitted for soldiers to roll their sleeves up with this uniform. The sleeves should be rolled up to slightly above the elbow and the thickness of the roll should be around 4 fingers in width.


The coverall is considered headgear-neutral. It can be worn with any standard Star Army of Yamatai cap. The Star Army Cap, Type 32 is standard, but the Star Army Officer's Cap, Type 36 is allowed for officers, and a Type 35 Ball Cap purchased at Star Army Clothing Store can be substituted. The hat should match with any uniform worn under the coveralls. it is not uncommon to also see leftover Type 31 field caps used with the coverall.

Star Army Cap, Type 32 Star Army Officer Cap


The coverall is often used with the following Star Army gear:

OOC Details

Wes provided the following explanation for this garment:

Imagine you're a Neko. You're on a muddy, forested planet with 99 other nekos as part of Century hunting a former NMX terror cell. You're in the field so wearing your nice duty uniform is a no-go. The jacket alone costs 100 KS! You could wear the working uniform, but it is blue with a brightly colored panel across the chest. The bodysuit is no less bright. The old, discontinued field uniform is camouflage but too much combat gear considering you only do combat in your armor and it fills your bag with bodyarmor and other useless crap for someone who fights wearing power armor. What are you going to wear? You need something that's…

  1. Easy to get on and off
  2. Somewhat camouflaged (skintight plugsuits that emphasize the outline of a human figure and have glowy bits are not)
  3. For the field but not necessarily for combat (does not need a helmet, etc - that's what we have DAISY armor for)
  4. Is okay to get dirty when you're in the field or changing the brake fluid on your STV
  5. Can be worn over whatever nice uniforms you have, like bodysuits

Enter the coverall. It does the above. It's a blend of a utility garment and a uniform. It's easy for commission artists to draw (field uniform was a nightmare). You're in a military trailer park living out of CRDM modules, not out on the town looking pretty for the public. Yes, it is not particularly sci-fi or Yamataian sleek, but it has a very military look and is easily recognizable as SAOY by the hinomaru and that blue sailor cap. More importantly, it is exactly what I needed for my nekos (mainly ground forces) as manager of the Star Army.

Art Credits

Catgirl character art originally by Alexandra Douglass (commissioned by Wes). The uniform design is modified by Wes. For the original see NMX Navy Jumpsuit (Type 33).

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