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Star Army Dress Pants, Type 35

Star Army of Yamatai dress pants (also called slacks or trousers) are permanent-press with a visible creases to give them a sharp, formal look. They are worn with the Star Army Duty Uniform, Type 35.

Trousers Trousers

About the Dress Pants

Dress Pants should be made of authorized fabric (poly/wool blend or Kinugoshi-ko blend after YE 38) with fore-and-aft creases, belt loops, zippered front closure, and a wallet pocket on the back left. The can be straight-legged or slightly flared.


These pants come in Cadet Blue

Color Color Name Hex Used For
Star Army Cadet Blue #AEB6CA Class A Formal or Class B Everyday

White pants were introduced in YE 37 for certain formal occasions but were discontinued in 2月 YE 41.

White formal pants on a Class A Formal uniform


The pants come in sets of standard sizes for various human and non-human species. The Star Army an also make pants in custom sizes based on a 3D scan of a soldier's body.


There is a variant of these pants for species with tails that includes a tail hole with a button closure above it.

Proper Wear

The pants (trousers) should be worn fully on the waist and with all fasteners closed. The pants should hang 2.5 to 5 centimeters above the ground or deck while standing and wearing shoes.

Alternate Garments

The following can be substituted for these pants:

OOC Notes

Wes authored this article.

Pants artwork by Nicoy. Elysian artwork by Angrygrizley.

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