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Star Army Dress Uniform, Type 23

There was a popular dress version of the female uniform, created by Taisho Ketsurui Chiharu and introduced in YE 23. Its zipper was in the back instead of the front and usually had a pocket on the right side of the lap area.

The mesh top and bottom are optional, which means the legs and/or arms can be left bare.

While the gloves, belt, and boots are usually matching in color, depending on the unit commander's preferences, the color can be glossy white, black, or dark gray; or suede brown or tan. Standard issue was gray.

Formal White Variant

There was formal version of the Star Army uniform that consisted of the normal uniform (dress version for females) in all white but the colored panels. Special long boots and gloves are worn with it; it was customary to wear a sword and/or a gold-plated pistol as well. Some Nekovalkyrja would paint their faces white to match. The dress uniform was often adorned with medals and award ribbons. The formal version of the male duty uniform consisted of white trousers and a white jacket with the usual colored panels. The formal uniform was often adorned with medals and award ribbons.

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