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Star Army Duty Uniform, Type 30A

Designed by Hanako, This Star Army of Yamatai uniform consisted of a ribbed blue top with self molding energy-dispersing plastic chest and shoulder panels; they automatically soften to the user's body heat, allowing for a self fitting and comfortable uniform. The panels provided a protection rating of 3 SP against energy and radiation based weaponry (only). The colored trunk and shoulder panels featured a thick light teal border, while the fabric was dark grayish blue. The Elysian variant had a V-shaped slit in the back to allow for wings. The sleeves were cut short and slanted (to provide room for patches). The uniform was typically worn with a dark blue skirt.

The 30A was fairly uncommon due to the popularity of the softer Star Army Duty Uniform, Type 30B that followed. In YE 34, production of the Type 30A Female Duty Uniform was discontinued and it is no longer authorized for wear (as of YE 35), having been replaced by the Star Army Duty Uniform, Type 35.


Here's some close looks at the uniform features, for artists:


Top Section

Uniform Fabric

The base fabric of the uniform is a thin, dark blue, ribbed, sweater-like material.


The sleeves of the uniform should be cut diagonally, with the longer part towards the outside.

Color Panels

Colored panels should have a rounded point at the top of the torso section and an angular point at the bottom. In this example, the panel is white. See Color Scheme for panel colors.

Rank Pins

The First Expeditionary Fleet uses the same rank pins as the First Standard Fleet. See Star Army Ranks.

Rank Pin Position

Soldiers in the 1st XF should wear their rank pins in the high, centered position.


Left Side

The fleet patch goes on the soldier's left side. The patch looks like this:

Right Side

On the soldier's right side is the Star Army logo (the Star Army Hinomaru) and above it, on the shoulder, a unit patch. A unit patch is often a Starship Patch.

Here's the Star Army logo:

Actual patch photo (sorry for the blurriness):

Note the black border around the white circle.

Bottom Section

The bottom section of the uniform consists of a skirt. The color of the skirt should be the same color or slightly darker than the sweater.


The uniform is worn with white, black, dark gray, or tan matching accessories that include:

  • Gloves
  • Boots
  • Pistol Belt (see pistols for a list of sidearms used)

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