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Star Army Duty Uniform, Type 42

The Type 42 Duty Uniform is an informal everyday duty uniform and operational uniform for the Star Army of Yamatai consisting of a form-fitting top jacket and cargo pants or a skirt and tights.


The Type 42 Duty Uniform was designed in YE 41 by Hanako to create a more advanced version of the duty uniform that would also replace the Star Army Working Uniform, Type 31 as a standard uniform for use aboard starships. Hanako intentionally preserved traditional shapes and colors of the previous uniforms to maintain Star Army traditions, but added technology features to make the uniforms safer, more functional, and more versatile. Test uniforms were not available until the final month of YE 41.


The core of the Type 42 Duty Uniform is the Type 42 Jacket, a form-hugging jacket made of Kinugoshi-ko, Dataweave, and synthetic material designed to resist fire, acids, puncture, and radiation. The jacket is primarily Star Army Regal Blue in color with bright periwinkle accents on the cuffs, collar, the hemline, and the seam where the arm connects to the torso. Additionally, Varihue shoulders and a panel on the front of the uniform are color-coded based on the wearer's occupation. The jacket zips open in the center of the chest. The sleeves are detachable for a short-sleeve look. There are pockets on the upper arms where the Star Army Hinomaru is positioned.

Built-In Electronics

The jacket contains internal micro-batteries and a volumetric projector (appears as a glowing teal triangle on the upper torso) and a wrist-mounted mini-communicator, both of which can be re-positioned. The collar contains a Molecure Tape-based sealing system that allows it to form a seal with most helmets and protective masks.

Other Uniform Components

All other accessories are the same as the Star Army Duty Uniform, Type 35.


The Duty Uniform Type 42 must be worn with the jacket fully zipped and closed. In warm weather the jacket may be worn without the detachable lower sleeves as directed by the starship, unit, or base commander.

The triangular volumetric projector should be worn in on the right side of the chest. All parts including the electronics are machine-washable, however, it is recommended that the electronic parts (volumetric projector and communicator wrist piece) are removed prior to washing.


OOC Notes

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Artwork of the jacket by Wes and Aradia artwork by an unknown artist (commissioned by Arbitrated).

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