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Star Army Exercise Uniform, Type 29

The Type 29 version the Star Army of Yamatai's exercise uniform was used from YE 29 to YE 38.


In YE 29, the Type 29 exercise uniform replaced the Type 27 Exercise Uniform, which had black T-Shirt (with pocket) and black Socks. The Type 29 version replaced the shirt with a white ringer shirt and was worn with white socks, but kept the black bikini-style bottoms with the Star Army Hinomaru on the bottom which meant this uniform had two visible hinomaru emblems from the front.

The Type 29 exercise uniform was used by the Star Army from YE 29 to YE 38.

It was replaced by the Star Army Exercise Uniform, Type 38 in YE 38.


The Type 29 Exercise Uniform consisted of a white ringer T-Shirt with black details and the Star Army Hinomaru emblems, and a bikini swimsuit bottom with the Star Army Hinomaru logo on left leg. Males are issued black swim trunks instead of the bikini bottom.

As A Swimsuit

The swimsuit is merely the exercise uniform with the shirt removed. The standard-issue black sports bra doubles as a bikini top.



The uniform was used for physical training/exercise, as, sleepwear, and as swimwear.

It was worn with white Socks and (if planetside) white shoes.

OOC Notes

Wes wrote this article. Artwork by Zairyo.

The shirt is available: Cafepress's Star Army Store.

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