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Star Army Exercise Uniform, Type 40

The Type 40 Exercise Uniform is the Star Army of Yamatai's set of clothing for physical training. It is also used as sleepwear or swimwear.

Hanako wearing a Type 40 Exercise Uniform

This uniform set is available for 15 KS (shirt and shorts only) or 25 KS (set with bra), not including socks and footwear. Cold weather accessories (jacket and shorts) are 25 KS for both.


In YE 38, the Star Army switched from the Star Army Exercise Uniform, Type 29 to the Star Army Exercise Uniform, Type 38, which added important features like cold-weather components. However, it turns out that if you give soldiers uniforms that are all dark blue, they keep getting run over by cars during early morning runs. So in YE 39 the Star Army rushed to procure a modified design the would become standard in YE 40. Due to the accelerated development and distribution, the Type 40 Exercise Uniform was actually the first “Type 40” item in the Star Army inventory. In YE 41 a pair of Type 41 Gym Shoes were made to be paired with the Type 40 exercise uniform.

Type 29 Type 38 Type 40


The Type 40 Exercise Uniform consists of a T-shirt and shorts. Design-wise, the Type 40 is basically a cross between the Type 29 and Type 38 that keeps the best of both.


The Type 40 Exercise Shirt is a white cotton ringer T-Shirt with Star Army Regal Blue borders. It is bacteria-resistant, which helps combat body odor. The blue portions use an advanced bleach-resistant dye. On the shirt is a print of the Star Army Hinomaru and the text “STAR ARMY.” Soldiers can wear the shirt with a normal fit or a tight fit.


It is authorized for starship crews and units to get custom designs printed on the back of exercise T-shirts, for example a starship patch design, so long as they are tasteful in nature.

Shorts & Pants

The shirt is worn with a pair of Star Army Regal Blue shorts, either loose fitting basketball style shorts or form-fitting volleyball-style shorts made of stretchy swimsuit material. The shorts (both kinds) have the text “STAR ARMY” on the back of them in white1).

The cold weather pants are made of tear-and-strain-resistant, fire-resistant synthetic nano-polymer that is essentially a silky-feeling super polyester that won't chafe. There is an extra cushioning pad in the knee area.

Both the long shorts and pants have two front pockets and one rear pocket, as well as a small stretchy interior pocket for keys or earplugs. The stretch shorts only have the interior key pocket.

Alternate Configurations
Cold Weather Swimwear
With hoodie, pants T-shirt & shoes removed


The shoes made to be paired with the Type 40 exercise uniform are designed for performance and aesthetics in mind. They are the ubiquitous regal blue of Star Army with a Hinomaru on the main portion of the shoe while the soles are white or regal blue.


A shirt with a opening in the back is available for winged species.

A version of the shorts and pants with an elastic tail aperture is available for soldiers with tails.


The Star Army exercise uniform is worn during physical training exercises such as working out, running, and lifting weights.

Optional components include the two-tone Type 38 zipper hoodie, windbeaker pants, yoga-style pants, and a pair of suitable shoes in black, white, Star Army regal blue, as well as Type 41 Gym Shoes which are sold by the Star Army Clothing Store. Shoes are worn with dark blue, black, or white Socks. Shoes and Socks are not required for fully-indoor activities such as exercising on starships. There is also an optional blue sports bra/swimwear top. Star Army Undergarments are not required but females are encouraged to wear the sports bra top for support when appropriate. It is not required to tuck in the T-shirt into the shorts. No more than 5 centimeters of midriff is permitted to be visible.

The shorts can be used as swimwear and they dry easily (faster than the T-shirt). Shorts must be worn pulled up to the waist.

It is authorized and encouraged to wear a yellow reflective belt around the waist with this uniform when running on roads shared with ground vehicles, especially in low light conditions.


The exercise uniform requires no special washing or drying and can be cleaned in any Standard Star Army Laundry Room. It is okay to use bleach to remove stains from grass, blood, etc. from the white top.

There is an art gallery of characters wearing this uniform here: Art Gallery: Type 40 Exercise Uniform.

OOC Notes

This shirt is available for cosplay.

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Product Categoriesclothing, uniforms
Product NameStar Army Exercise Uniform, Type 40
ManufacturerKetsurui Zaibatsu
Price (KS)15.00 KS

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