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Star Army Field Uniform, Type 31

The Type 31 Field Uniform consists of a breathable synthetic fabric shirt and trousers; it can be worn inside of synthetic-core power armor or it can be worn with its accessories (vest, boots, and helmet) for traditional infantry combat.

Designed in YE 30, the Star Army of Yamatai Type 31 Field Uniform was designed to provide soldiers in the planetary forces with a more versatile and tactically useful uniform than the colorful duty uniforms. All items in the set are available in Black, White, Bluish Gray, or Star Army Camouflage. Because the field uniform is meant to be usable in armor, no metal pins are allowed on it; ranks are fabric patches attached by a hook-and-pile system.


The Type 31 Field Uniform is composed of:

Base Items

  • Combat Shirt, with mesh chest and back panels and pockets on sleeves
  • Cargo Pants, Tactical, with pockets on lower legs, elastic waistband

Light Infantry Additions

Optional Accessories

  • Undersuit (optional; airtight, fire and chemical resistant, moisture wicking)
  • Backpack, Type 30 or Type 31 (Waterproof version of Type 30)
  • Balaclava, hinged (fireproof)
  • Belt, Pistol
  • Elbowpads and Kneepads
  • Entrenching Tool & Carrier
  • Field Jacket
  • Gloves, Utility
  • Hat, Cold Weather, with Goggles
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Product NameStar Army Field Uniform
Year ReleasedYE 30

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