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Star Army Prisoner Uniform, Type 33

In order to easily identify captured enemy soldiers, the Star Army designated a distinctive and inexpensive uniform to clothe them. The neon pink color was used because it is highly visible and not normally used in the Yamataian military. This garment was introduced in YE 33 and is a type of yukata. Because of its appearance, it's sometimes referred to as the “hot pink bathrobe.”

Art by Alexandra Douglass


The main piece of the prisoner uniform is a short, pink or neon pink yukata. The yukata is baggy and considered “one size fits all” and is provided to both male and female prisoners. In order to save fabric, the yukata only reaches down to above the knees on a standard-size neko. On taller figures like Nepleslians it may only reach to mid-thigh. The belt of the yukata is a false one…the two sides are directly attached to the robe and do not extend all the way around the robe; thus, the belt cannot be removed. This was done to prevent belts being used as weapons. The robe is stenciled “PRISONER OF WAR” in a large and obvious manner on the back.

If readily available, cheap plastic sandals and undergarments (usually lower body only) may be issued as well.

See Star Army Prisoner Handling Kit, Type 33

OOC Notes

Art by Alexandra Douglass. Commissioned by Wes.

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